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Save The Rhinos

Every morning I wake up and like to look through different articles and news worldwide. As I flipped through different articles I came across one that caught my eye more... Read More
The Good Blanket

The Good Blanket

When we sat down for our meeting, to decide what new item we were going to introduce to our collection - handmade blankets where a no brainier. We’ve wanted to... Read More

Wakened Apparel Community

Here at Wakened Apparel we love animals and helping people. As humans, it is our responsibility to protect we share this world with and those who are in need of... Read More

Elephants Need Us

As kids, we were fascinated with dinosaurs. We would imagine what it would be like to walk with them, what they looked like, what they ate and what they did.... Read More

We Can Change the World

In my spare time, like to watch the stock market, emerging global markets, and commodities. Learning has always been a passion of mine and I've learned a lot from recent... Read More

Good Bye Old Friend

  On February 10th 2016 I hugged, kissed and said goodbye to my 13 year old best friend Bear for the last time. After 2 long years of medications and... Read More

Ocean Preservation Society

THE PROBLEM One of the biggest problems humanity faces is the loss of bio-diversity, the extinction of species. On land and in our oceans. Our climate is controlled by the... Read More

A Revolution In Business

As consumers we have the biggest influence on how products are made and the impact they have on our world and community. However, we forget the fact that the responsibility... Read More


TOGETHER WE CAN GIVE THEM A SECOND CHANCEWhen I sat down with my wife to think of the next charity we wanted to partner with, it became rather difficult to... Read More

Save Them All

PROBLEM: Everyday, more than 9,000 healthy, treatable and adoptable cats and dogs are killed in shelters across America. SOLUTION:   Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare... Read More