Hello! We are David and Cassidy Avalo. The proud husband and wife duo behind Wakened Apparel. With David’s back ground in business, Cassidy’s love for creativity coupled with our shared passion for adventure and serving others — Wakened was born. When we were still just dating, our meet ups would take place in coffee shops where we would sketch, dream and plan what our little idea could one day be. We had a craving to mix philanthropy, art and sustainability into one amazing brand that both us and others could stand behind. After years of bouncing around ideas, we finally decided to act on it and follow our dream. Wakened was then created and the rest is history! Every piece in our shop is a result of creative collaboration between the two of us. We pour so much into our brand because it is our dream. When you purchase anything from our store, you are supporting a dream. Our dream. 


We like to think of Wakened as the intersection where philanthropy, art and sustainability meet. Since these three things are core values to us as individuals, they are reflected in our company. We’re constantly striving to bring you the best we can. In aesthetic, quality and impact. We want to show the power that just one simple purchase can have. For that reason, we work to lower our negative impact, while extending our positive impact. These impacts include the environment, the individuals who make our products, the causes your donation support and of course — you the customer. 

There is always room to improve and we are continuing to work towards that! The environment is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are making shifts in our garments to produce more products based from natural fibers. Fibers like organic cotton, bamboo and recycled materials. Products like our ‘zero waste’ blankets are made from 100% post consumer U.S. apparel that have been discarded. Our blankets gives a second life to clothing that would otherwise be thrown into landfill. Our accessories too are made from sustainable materials like recycled wood and metal.
Everything is made ethically either in the U.S. or in other countries, only by means of Fair Trade. Our blankets and accessories are hand made by individuals making a better life for themselves and their families. Supporting these products with your purchases aid in community development in areas where our artisans are located. We believe it is imperative that people are given the opportunity to help themselves. That is how the cycle of poverty is truly broken. 

Before we add on a new organization as a charity partner, they go through a vetting process. We want to ensure that the money donated is actually being used for what they claim to use it for. We take that responsibility very seriously. We know you want your dollar to be as far reaching as it can be! We proudly stand behind all of our charity partners. Intentionally, we keep the number of charity partners low so that we are able to donate more to those specific causes — enabling them to accomplish their mission with greater impact. 

And we would be absolutely no where without our customers that we love so much! The individuals who support our dream and the good we are aiming to accomplish with it. When you wear or use a product from us, we want you to feel good about it. We are so grateful that in a great big world full of options to choose from — you chose us. Our hope is that the gratitude we have for you, carries over into our products so you can enjoy them for years to come! 

Purchase With Purpose
10% Donated To Our Charity Partners

Our Commitment

At Wakened, we are committed to ethical production. To contributing towards the betterment of our planet. Paying those involved in the making of our goods fairly. Using eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Our Mission

Wakened was founded on a mission to make a positive impact in the world and make it easier for others to do the same! We do this through the way our goods are produced and supporting our charity partners with 10% of each sale donated.

Our Values

Small Footprint, Big Impact. We believe it’s our responsibility to lessen the harm of production as much as possible. That’s why we choose to use a mix of natural GOTS certified organic and recycled fibers. The recycled fibers used to make our blankets are made from 100% recycled U.S. post-consumer textiles, diverting textile waste from landfill. Fair Trade, Fair Pay. All of our blankets are Fair Trade. Making sure the workers involved in the making of our goods are paid fairly is very important to us. Artisans in Mexico have been able to build a town center and school with the earnings brought together from weaving these blankets. Home Grown. Our tees are made in the U.S.A. Give back. No matter what product you purchase, 10% is donated to one of our various charity partners.

19+ Charity Based products

19,633+ Trees planted

$15,119+ donated to our charity partners

Funds community development

Empowering Fair Trade artisans

Using sustainable materials


We believe in using natural materials. We love cotton for its durability and breathability. The cotton we use in our tees is either standard cotton or organic non-gmo cotton. Some of which is GOTS certified. As we roll out new tees, we strive to continue in the direction of choosing organic when possible.


About 85% of discarded apparel ends up in landfill, making textile waste 5% of our landfills as a whole. The scary part is, these numbers are only rising. The way we contribute towards the management of this issue is using 100% discarded post-consumer textile waste to create our blankets. This breathes new life into something that would otherwise go straight to landfill.


In the U.S. alone, every second of every day, 1,500 plastic water bottles are discarded. These are a great contributor to our plastic pollution problem. Like with our blankets, we’ve found a way to divert some of that to a secondary use. A few of our tees include recycled polyester in them. This is RPET from recycled plastic water bottles. This allows for the desired comfort of polyester without having to produce virgin polyester.


We are huge lovers of our earth here at Wakened. This translates in both our personal life, the way we run our company and the structure of it. We strive to care for our earth by using recycled and natural materials like mentioned here, minimizing our packaging, designing intentionally and also supporting organizations doing things we don’t have the resources to do ourselves for our planet. Some of these include wildlife conservation, ocean preservation, domestic animal rescue and re-forestation.


The degradation of our environment is not to be taken lightly. Each day 200,000 acres of forest are cleared. The effects of this are much greater than just us. Countless habitats of wildlife are lost and often as a result, lives of innocent animals as well. Re-forestation has a large place in our hearts. Because of this, with the purchase of some of our products, 20 trees are planted. Together, we’ve been able to plant thousands of trees and counting!


Our blankets are something we are so proud of. We are proud because of the good they do! In other communities around the world, we are able to connect their goods with U.S. consumers. This is amazing because it allows them to make more money selling their products. In one village in particular in Tlaxcala, Mexico they have been able to come together and build a town center and school with the money made from weaving our blankets. When individuals get paid fairly and have consistent work, families are able to stay together, which make for stronger communities.


All of our blankets are hand made by artisans in Mexico, Peru and India. Many of the artisans in Mexico, are farmers as well. They are paid by weight of the blankets they weave in addition to being paid above the minimum wage. In Peru, there is a family who owns an Alpaca farm. Here is where the alpaca wool in one of our blankets comes from. Their alpaca herd is their pride and joy! No matter the country our blankets are made in, the artisans who make our goods are working under safe conditions, getting paid fairly and sharing their culture with the world!


Bamboo is a very sustainable plant. Being in the grass family, they are quick to grow. Much quicker than other trees. This makes it a sustainable choice because you can harvest it more frequently, without needing to start over with a new planting each time it’s harvested. Some of our tees are made up of bamboo viscose. This fabric is light, soft to the touch, breathable, cooling and even moisture wicking!


Today, the majority of us would find supporting slavery appalling. But there is an ugly truth behind the fashion industry. The current fashion industry is a huge contributor of modern day slavery. Too many garment workers work for hours on end, under deplorable conditions, making next to nothin. In addition, they are often harassed, threatened, abused and many have even lost their life due to unsafe working conditions and factories collapsing while workers are inside. Not only does this industry not treat their workers correctly, but it’s also one of the world’s largest polluters. These disturbing facts and more are why we’ve decided to do things differently at Wakened. Our apparel is ethically made in the U.S.A., most of which is done in Los Angeles, California. When it comes to sourcing goods like our blankets from other countries, we only work through Fair Trade. Making sure all workers involved in making our goods are paid fairly is extremely important to us. When you purchase from us, we want you to know that you’re not only improving the world through donations but you’re also contributing positively to the individuals making your products.


Long before Wakened became an actual company, our mission from the beginning was to help make the world a better place. In whatever ways we could. A big part of how we’ve been able to make a positive impact is by donating 10% from each product sold to our various charity partners. We have developed relationships with charities in different arenas making incredible strides. And together, we have been able to do great things!

Oceanic Preservation Society

A passionate team, committed to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans and the planet. They specialize in bringing awareness through film and media.

International Elephant Foundation

The catalyst for creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive by linking people and elephants for their mutual long-term benefit.

Pets In Need

The first no-kill shelter in Northern California. Rescuing dogs and cats from public shelters where they are in danger of being euthanized due to space or financial limitations. They provide the best care possible until they can help them find a forever home.

Eden Reforestation Project

Combat de-forestation by working with local villagers to plant native trees, as well as manage their nurseries and planting sites. They’ve planted over 250 million trees around the world and counting.

International Rhino Foundation

Championing the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. Doing what it takes to ensure future generations of rhinos survive and thrive.