About Us

Hello! We are David and Cassidy Avalo. The proud husband and wife duo behind Wakened Apparel. With David’s back ground in business, Cassidy’s love for creativity coupled with our shared passion for adventure and serving others — Wakened was born. When we were still just dating, our meet ups would take place in coffee shops where we would sketch, dream and plan what our little idea could one day be. We had a craving to mix philanthropy, art and sustainability into one amazing brand that both us and others could stand behind. After years of bouncing around ideas, we finally decided to act on it and follow our dream. Wakened was then created and the rest is history! Every piece in our shop is a result of creative collaboration between the two of us. We pour so much into our brand because it is our dream. When you purchase anything from our store, you are supporting a dream. Our dream. 


We like to think of Wakened as the intersection where philanthropy, art and sustainability meet. Since these three things are core values to us as individuals, they are reflected in our company. We’re constantly striving to bring you the best we can. In aesthetic, quality and impact. We want to show the power that just one simple purchase can have. For that reason, we work to lower our negative impact, while extending our positive impact. These impacts include the environment, the individuals who make our products, the causes your donation support and of course — you the customer. 

There is always room to improve and we are continuing to work towards that! The environment is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are making shifts in our garments to produce more products based from natural fibers. Fibers like organic cotton, bamboo and recycled materials. Products like our ‘zero waste’ blankets are made from 100% post consumer U.S. apparel that have been discarded. Our blankets gives a second life to clothing that would otherwise be thrown into landfill. Our accessories too are made from sustainable materials like recycled wood and metal.
Everything is made ethically either in the U.S. or in other countries, only by means of Fair Trade. Our blankets and accessories are hand made by individuals making a better life for themselves and their families. Supporting these products with your purchases aid in community development in areas where our artisans are located. We believe it is imperative that people are given the opportunity to help themselves. That is how the cycle of poverty is truly broken. 

Before we add on a new organization as a charity partner, they go through a vetting process. We want to ensure that the money donated is actually being used for what they claim to use it for. We take that responsibility very seriously. We know you want your dollar to be as far reaching as it can be! We proudly stand behind all of our charity partners. Intentionally, we keep the number of charity partners low so that we are able to donate more to those specific causes — enabling them to accomplish their mission with greater impact. 

And we would be absolutely no where without our customers that we love so much! The individuals who support our dream and the good we are aiming to accomplish with it. When you wear or use a product from us, we want you to feel good about it. We are so grateful that in a great big world full of options to choose from — you chose us. Our hope is that the gratitude we have for you, carries over into our products so you can enjoy them for years to come!