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Save The Rhinos

Every morning I wake up and like to look through different articles and news worldwide. As I flipped through different articles I came across one that caught my eye more than all the others. Rhino poaching is UP for the sixth year in a row. A report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that although in some areas rhino poaching has improved other areas rhino poaching has increased. Namibia and Zimbabwe have seen an increase in rhino poaching. The report mentions that at least 12,015 to 1,338 rhinos were killed in 2015 across Africa. These numbers a extremely scary, given the fact that there are currently 26,000 left in the wild across the world today and roughly around 20,000 or less are in Africa. When we realize the numbers of rhinos that are left and how many were poached in 2015 alone, it’s obvious that this is a major problem that needs to fixed now.
How can we help stop rhino poaching? As a community we can make the difference. Maybe personally we can’t go and volunteer our time but we can support such groups. By donating and supporting fundraising groups and companies we can do our part to help organizations like The African Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife Alliance, Wildlife Conservation Society, and many more to help end this horrible crime. We can make the difference even though we are thousands of miles away. These organizations not only help these amazing creatures but they help the people as well. They do this by education and creating jobs for those in Africa. You see, our support goes a long way in making our world a better place for both animals and humans.

Here at Wakened Apparel we stand with charities trying to make a difference. Together we can support these amazing charities that fight tirelessly to change the world we live in for the better. Jane Goodall said, “There is still a lot worth fighting for." These words are more than truth. We can make sure that this generation and future generations will be able to travel and see these amazing creatures in their wild habitat and not just a picture in a book. It’s up to us to help support and fight for rhinos, elephants and all life on earth. We can make the difference.
Photo: James P. Blair National Geographic 2006