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When I sat down with my wife to think of the next charity we wanted to partner with, it became rather difficult to focus when my 3 year old dog, Ayko kept putting his paw on my leg. He kept pawing at my leg, wanting my attention. So I got up and began to play with him for a while. As he ran around and trotted with so much joy, I began to reminisce about how we adopted Ayko. I remembered back to when I was reading his story online and I knew I had to bring home from Alabama. How we waited at the airport and saw him for the first time as a 4 month old puppy and eagerly embraced him into our arms and hearts. It was the best decision we made! He is a loving gentle giant and goofy dog who thinks he is a furry human. I thought about the joy he brought me and my wife, and how he now has the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life now. At that point, it got me thinking about the thousands of other perfectly healthy, treatable, lovable and adoptable cats and dogs that are killed in shelters across America each day. It was a no brainer that we had to partner with a charity that was working hard to change these numbers and giving animals a sweeping chance at life and a loving home! I began to do research on exactly how many animals are put down each day and the number I found floored me. 9,000 adoptable animals are put down each day. This number is unacceptable and had to change. I came across Best Friends Animal Society and was moved by the work that they are doing across America. The decision to partner with them was a no brainer!


Simple. With the largest animal sanctuary in the nation, housing more than 1,700 animals, we knew that this was an organization we wanted to partner with. Best Friends Animal Society works tirelessly to end the killing of countless perfectly adoptable animals nationwide. By building community programs and partnering with other shelters nationwide Best Friends Animal Society is working to save every animal they can. Their work is noble and life saving, and we can help!

Action on our part is needed though. With your support, we can help in this fight to end the euthanasia of healthy animals who deserve a chance to be loved by someone and become part of a family. When we learn to look at these dogs, cats, horses, as beings that want a chance at life, we begin to see their value. That creates a call to action, and only when we see it as a call to action can we truly come together to change the world for these animals. Every single one of us can be a hero for an animal in need. To learn how you can help go best friends and to shop and support go to new arrivals