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We Can Change the World

In my spare time, like to watch the stock market, emerging global markets, and commodities. Learning has always been a passion of mine and I've learned a lot from recent information. Oil is down and sliding and it seems that it will not be coming back up too much. As consumers we have made it clear that we are concerned about the health of our planet.  It's time for investors and industry leaders to understand that the electric car is here to stay and it's growing. It's no longer about gas prices and savings. It is something more - it's about a genuine care for the earth we live on.

Within the next two years, Tesla and Chevy have planned and have set into motion to start selling electric cars with a range of far more than 200 miles and the price range of $30,000. Ford is investing billions and VW are also investing billions into this idea. As well as Nissan and BMW are investing. Almost every major car makers, including Apple and Google are heavily investing and working on the next generation of plug in cars. 

Even amongst low gasoline prices this year 2016 and last year 2015, electric car sales jumped 60% worldwide. If we can continue that growth as conscious consumers, the renewable energies industry will not be ignored. 

We are finally realizing as consumers why it's important to help keep healthy our planet and the choices we make have affected the industries that produce the cars we drive. Our oceans are becoming acidic, there are "ocean dead zones" and loss of entire coral reefs. The search of oil has destroyed natural habitats, we are losing our wildlife in a massive extinction. We no longer are blind to that. Organizations like Ocean Preservation Society and Oceana, amongst different wildlife groups - have been working tirelessly, and we as the consumer have become aware. We can all make changes. Maybe we can't afford big changes like investing in an electric vehicle at the moment, but small changes made everyday can make a significant difference as well. The simplest of purchases make can make a difference. The clothes we buy, the food we eat, the amount of plastic we use - we have so much power and the auto industry is just an example of what a conscious consumer can do. One of my favorite quotes is from David Mitchell:

"My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?"

When we take the time to make conscious purchases we definitely can make a change - starting with one thing at a time. This is an exciting and important time. We are the only ones that can change the way things are done to help our planet. And path the way for a healthy sustainable future for all who live in it. This is our time.