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A Revolution In Business

As consumers we have the biggest influence on how products are made and the impact they have on our world and community. However, we forget the fact that the responsibility and power falls into our hands. WE can change the way businesses effect our world and in turn we have the power to improve it for the better. Every year roughly 191.1 million consumers hit the digital market in the USA alone. And roughly 703.28 billion dollars is spent on sales in e-commerce. There is no doubt that when we seek out an item online, there is a sense of gratification knowing it will soon arrive at our very door step. When we receive that package and open to hold our purchase in our hands for the first time, its like a gift prepared just for us. It brings you joy seeing something you ordered arrive to you and find its place in your life. What if your purchase could bring joy to someone else in the world? Well thats exactly what is happening. There is a movement that has begun. A revolution where businesses are now taking a portion of their proceeds and/or resources and giving back. Helping other who truly need a hand reached out to them. But without us, the consumer, it wouldn’t be possible. There would still be a need but not a demand. Across the globe, companies are adopting a business model of giving back. The best trend in business yet, in our opinion! Whether it is donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity, donating items and resources, providing fair work to talented artisans around the globe or just partnering with organizations as a business sponsor. All of these are changing how we can help better our world and is making it easier than ever to have a positive impact.

How do we go about making change? It can seem so over whelming but let’s start somewhere simple. We can start by looking for socially responsible and eco-friendly companies. The way our products are made can greatly affect what happens to our world and those who live in it. Either we like to recognize it or not, every product we purchase effects others. The power is in our hands to decide if it will be positive or negative. We have been seeing more phrases like fair trade, fair labor practices, eco-friendly, sustainably produced, responsibly made, ethical, these are terms we should become familiar with. Look for these terms in companies you’re wanting to purchase from. We can also look for companies that give back to some sort of charity or a research group that is aiding in improving our planet. Everything costs money, even helping those in need. And with so many vitally important causes out there, there will always be a need for funding them. Our purchases are like a vote or a suggestion that cannot be ignored. That is how we can change the consumer demand.

When we first began working on our brand Wakened Apparel, we knew what direction we wanted to take it. We wanted it to be not just a clothing and lifestyle line but a brand that would strive to make products with integrity. If not made in the USA, we aim that our products are fair trade or have labor practices that have integrity and treat their employees as such. We aim to make our products as eco friendly as possible, when possible. Our blankets are made form ground up recycled clothing, so those discarded materials don’t sit in land fills. Each blanket is handmade in countries that give their artisans the chance at bettering their families lives. They are fair trade, and the money earned by the artisans as a whole have helped build schools and community centers. We aren’t the only ones working to help others though. Companies are opting to choose better options and to chose the well being of this planet and others over just profit. All of this is because as consumers, we are making sure our voices are heard. We must always remember, what we choose DOES matter and CAN change the way things work. One simple choice as individuals can better our world together.

Here are some photos of our past campaigns: