Why We Decided To Make A Kids Line

Why did we decide to make a kids line? One day I went with my niece and nephew to a department store. I won't say which, but as I looked around I saw mothers buying clothes for their children. It is a huge industry, but it got me thinking - where do those clothes come from? Ever since my wife and I started Wakened Apparel, it was our goal to change the way this industry is run. We wanted to make clothes that were made in America or had fair-trade, fair labor and wages practices. We wanted our brand to stand for something and with someone. So we partnered with charities that are working tirelessly to help others and change lives. 

We wanted to apply that same concept to kids. The shirts kids wear often times, are made by children just like them. But instead of being able to live out a child hood of fun, silliness and opportunities -- they are forced to live a life that no child should have to endure. Laboring at such a young age, in horrible conditions for next to nothing. This is something that should not be accepted and we set out to change that. We created a line for children that can help other kids like them, who really need it. Our first shirts are made here in America and for every item purchased, 10% of its proceeds are donated to Save the Children. An organization fighting to help millions of children have a chance at being themselves. A chance to be kids with dreams, hope and a bright future ahead of them. Save the Children works hard so that children everywhere can a chance at a Brighter Future. 

Our goal is to continue making ethically made adult apparel but also apparel for children that benefits not only charities, like Save the Children, but many more to come. The benefits also reach to  the child and parent that purchase Wakened Apparel items. We hope for each purchase to be a positive opportunity for kids to learn how easy and fulfilling it is to help someone else. To know that the shirt they are wearing is helping someone like them have a Brighter Future. Teaching this at a young age will help to create a world of caring individuals and our next generation of super heroes. Now everyone in the family can become heroes for someone in need.

To support follow the link and help change a childs life. Wakened Apparel Kids and to learn what Save the Children does follow the link Save the Children.