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What's New: Revamped Website + New Products

What's New: Revamped Website + New Products

Hey, Wakened Tribe! We wanted to catch you up on a couple new things we have going on. If you haven't visited the site in the past day or two, head over after reading this blog because its all new! We worked hard to create a much easier to use website. Plus, we have a few new features now. So to help you navigate it best, lets go through them together.

First things first, we wanted to bring you up to date on is a couple new items we released recently. Our brand new Vintage Camp Blanket made from ethically produced alpaca wool and the long anticipated Men's Pocket Tee, made from 100% gmo-free organic cotton. As always, each donates 10% to our charity partners. We have even more items that will soon be released so make sure your subscribed to stay up to date for those!
Secondly, we would love to share with you all, our new improved website. One new feature of our site is the Bulk/Gifts page. What is this page for? Well, if you're interested in bulk gifts (for corporate gifts) or you'd like to order multiple items (for personal gifts, party favors, event decor, etc.) we now offer a discount of 15% for orders of our blankets from minimum of 8-25 and with orders over that, the discount goes up to 25%. Whether you are having a wedding and would like to keep your guests warm or as party favors, gifts for co-workers/corporate events, or thank-you gifts. Your gifts will have a big impact because 10% of proceeds will donate to our charity partners as well. You can mix and match solid print and falsa blankets as well.
Our website now is much easier to use when it comes to viewing products in general. We are really proud of the way it turned out. It was a lot of work but it was totally worth it to make your shopping experience easier! As always we are so grateful for this community of Do-Gooders coming together and improving our world one item at a time. Please head on over to and have a look at the new site! Let us know if there is anything you'd like to see or anything we can improve on too to make your experience easier and enjoyable!