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Welcoming Fall

Welcoming Fall

It's October, which means we've officially entered into one of my favorite seasons -- fall. There's something about the crisp autumn air, turning leaves, food and the turn to all things warm and cozy that lights me up inside! As with every season, I am very intentional with how I approach experiencing it in my home. But I find this especially important and special during the fall and winter months. Since we are shifting from living outdoors to spending a lot more time indoors. Shorter days and gloomier weather can take it's toll on me mentally, so having traditions and creating a cozy atmosphere indoors goes a long way towards making the colder months an enjoyable time for me! As always, my approach is multi-sensory, not just visual decor. Here are a few things I'm already implementing or plan to implement this fall season.

Bring on the candles! There's always at least one or two candles out all year round but even more so when fall hits. My MO is usually to pick a scent that will represent the season. I was planning on getting the Jenni Kayne Musk candle but wanted to dabble in some more inexpensive candles this year. I love this scent from H&M! I'm not a huge pumpkin girl. I prefer earthy scents but I do like to have at least one candle that has some spice to it with at least some quintessential fall notes. I want to pick up this candle from William Sonoma. I usually only have 1-3 scented candles to spread through out the house and the rest are non-scented candles to create an ambiance. I do a mix of pillar and tapered candles. I always have the intention of getting different colored candles that are in line with my pallet, but usually just stick with a classic white. I stock up every time I visit Ikea! But I've also seen options at Target, Michaels and Amazon. I've leaned more into a moody pallet this year and it's so fun to see candle light dance against a darker surface.

It's all about fall foliage. I'm not one for decor that screams the current season. You won't find a sign that says fall or a pillow with a pumpkin on it in my house. A theme is best expressed through a wink and nod. While I do enjoy seeing others who like to go all out, I prefer to take a more subtle approach for my own home. I'll typically bring out my more earthy looking vases and vessels and either buy or forage some fall stems and branches to display. Yesterday I went on a walk and grabbed some red stems I put in a brass vase in my bathroom. I also noticed a tree I usually clip from in our front yard had these cool looking caramel colored pods. If left alone, they'll bloom into white flowers but I had never noticed them at this stage before. I liked the look of the pods over the flowers, so I cut a few stems and now they're sitting on my console table and I love the look of them! 

Seasonal produce. I'm all about embracing the produce of the current season. Mostly that looks like making seasonal recipes but I also love decorating with produce! Pumpkins aren't the only fall produce. I'm a big fan of the look of persimmons, golden pears, purple figs and artichoke this time of year too. I've had a bowl of persimmons sitting on my console table giving all the fall vibes to the space for the past couple weeks. Now that they're ripening, I plan to make persimmon bread with them! Next I might put out some golden pears and then make something with them once they're ripe. I love doing this because I get to enjoy something beautiful for a while and then turn it into something delicious.

Warming foods. I love food any time of the year but fall food is next level. I also feel such a pull and desire to cook. We started incorporating bone broth to our diet and I attempted to make some for the first time this week. It was with cooked bones because that's what I had but next I plan to try making it with raw bones and possibly some chicken feet (high in collagen). Soups, chilis and dishes like stuffed acorn squash are on the docket. I'm looking forward to trying a couple new recipes this season. I also love apple and pumpkin pies, candied pecans and apple cider for a treat!

Get in the mood. One of my favorite ways to get in the mood for fall is to start playing music I especially associate with this time of year. Genres and artists my mom used to play growing up are generally what I gravitate towards. This basically entails all types of jazz. I pretty much listen to jazz at some point every day 365, but it feels extra special this time of year. Lots of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Red Garlands, and Nina Simon, among many others. I also love playing one of my all time favorite songs Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

Layer the textiles. Who doesn't love to snuggle up with a cozy blanket? I love having a variety of blankets and throws to choose from. I usually have a thick quilt & a softer throw in the living room This year I'd love to get a cashmere throw because there is nothing more luxurious than lounging in cashmere! I also need to get a new quilt because my dog Luna has ripped so many holes in my favorite one :( but I'm not quite ready to let it go! We have an entire collection of blankets perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Shop our blankets here.
I encourage you to embrace the season as you see fit! I'd love to hear how you're welcoming in fall. xx