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Wakened Update: What's Happening Behind the Scenes + A Sale You'll Love

Wakened Update: What's Happening Behind the Scenes + A Sale You'll Love

Lately we've been hinting towards some items we will be adding and a new direction we are heading towards. A big part of that is diving into the realm of custom garments! Something we are extremely excited for and is long awaited for us. To take one of the first steps on this journey, we are meeting with an ethically manufactured garment factory in Los Angeles, CA tomorrow. This is both exciting and a little intimidating because designing and creating custom garments is quite the jump from simply printing on tee shirts. But none the less, we welcome this new venture with open arms and all the feelings that come along with it!

We can't give too much away right now, but we can say the first collection will most likely be two to three pieces. With this entire process like always, we plan to source  quality and sustainable fabrics and work only with ethical manufacturing and production practices.

We will be taking a flight early in the morning down to L.A. for the meeting and then flying home right after. We've got to say, it feels sort of surreal that something like this is actually a reality for us. Flying somewhere for a business meeting and then coming right home after. It takes us back to the very beginning when David had to drive from San Francisco to L.A. and back in the same day just to pick up our order of blank tees to be printed on. But we do love flying so it'll be a fun day trip!

Like we've said before, we are trying to make room for new items we will be slowly adding to our collection. And to do that we've had to say good-bye to some other items. Once certain items are sold out completely, they will not be brought back. Or some only during certain times of year. Right now, we are taking off a few dollars on two of our Indoor blankets -- the Birch and the Pom Pom. We know the Birch has been on quite a few of your wish lists, so now would be an amazing time to get one!

If you don't already follow us on our instagram account @WakenedApparel, then we'd love to have you as part of our Instagram community! We will be sharing on our Stories some behind-the-scenes of our trip tomorrow so you can keep up to date with us. We are looking forward to this next step of the journey and are thrilled to have you on this road with us!

Cassidy and David