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Wakened Apparel x Pets In Need

Wakened Apparel x Pets In Need

Wakened Apparel x Pets In Need

Our mission as a company is to bring you quality products made with little negative impact on our world, but also to bring change. Change to the lives of people and animals we share this planet with. Whether it is a shirt helping save rhinos, a 100% recycled ethically made blanket that helps rescue pets, or a tote that brings awareness to saving our oceans. It has been our mission from the beginning to change the way we look at our clothing and shift the impact it has from a negative to a positive one. It is our goal to design beautiful lifestyle products from clothing to accessories with a purpose that every purchase you make helps to change the life of someone in need. You will always know that with every item you buy from us, you are doing a little good in the world.

As Bay Area residents we are excited to announce we are partnering with an amazing local rescue, Pets In Need. Pets In Need is northern California’s first no-kill animal shelter. The mission of Pets In Need is to advance the no-kill movement, reduce pet homelessness, and find every dog and cat a loving home. They accomplish they’re mission by rescuing cats and dogs from public shelters in the Bay Area and beyond when they are in danger of being euthanized due to space or financial limitations. They are located in Redwood City, Ca — the same town as us! Pets In Need truly goes above and beyond for the animals they are able to rescue. We’ve been able to witness this first hand visiting the shelter multiple times over the years. Speaking with the staff + volunteers there you can gain a sense of the true love they have for animals. To us, this made it obvious we wanted to support them somehow.

Wakened Apparel wants to help Pets In Need continue to rescue pets and change lives. We are proud to announce two new items — our Horizon Necklace and our Market Basket. Each item donates 10% of their proceeds to Pets In Need, donating to help rescue more pets, care for the ones in their rescue center, and for any need emergency surgeries. They can do so much with those funds! As a no kill shelter they are truly giving these pets a chance at the amazing life they deserve. To learn more about Pets In Need check out their website at they are located in 871 5th ave, Redwood city, CA 94063. To support our current cause click on Horizon Necklace or Market Basket and get yours today!

Horizon Necklace

Market Basket