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The True Cost

The True Cost

Hey Wakened tribe, we have uploaded a new podcast! This is our second documentary review. In this episode, we talk a little bit about one of our favorite documentaries, The True Cost. It unveils the real costs behind the fashion industry and the garments we wear on our bodies everyday. Including the cost to our environment and human rights. We highly recommend this film to any one who wears clothes. We hold so much power as consumers to demand brands do better. Support ethical production + brands striving to do right by their workers.

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A little bit about what you will here and learn in this podcast. We talk about Fast Fashion and the impact it has on human life, our environment, and our health. Fast Fashion is a harmful trend that has infected the fashion industry but we can change that. We can make change with our purchases. I cannot begin to say how we can solve the problem. Maybe less profit margins for companies so that there is better working conditions for workers in countries that spend 100 hours a week earning $11 a week, so the workers can receive better wages and conditions. Maybe increase the price a bit of each garment and slow down on the fashion trends. There are now 52 seasons in the fashion industry. This presents new styles to the consumer on a weekly basis. Not too long ago, there was only 2-4 seasons of fashion. It all comes down to the consumer though. It is hard knowing that we receive a certain amount of salary a month and we have to stretch that to make a living. This is what makes buying cheaply so alluring. Cheap clothes give us the feeling of wealth but really the opposite is true. The reality is, more we spend on cheap clothing over and over again, the less money we are actually left with. But we have to remember that we are responsible as consumers as well. Each time we purchase something, we are creating a demand and thereby telling brands what we find acceptable. By truly looking at ourselves and what we buy, we can start to make more informed decisions. Really think about what you actually need and what you value. Support brands that are producing ethically and responsibly. We owe it to our fellow human beings we share this world with and we owe to ourselves. Change comes from each individual. We can do our part, as small as it may seem.

At Wakened Apparel, since before it’s birth in 2015, we wanted to be a company with a ethical standards and integrity. Our products are fair trade or made in America. The threads are made in America, some are even from recycled materials or organic ones. The workers we help to employ earn fair wages that provide for their families and have safe working conditions. We don’t release items at a fast rate, but when it feels right to us. We are not the only ones doing this though. We are just a small fish in a large ocean of ethically founded companies. Companies like Everlane, People Tree, Nisolo, Patagonia, Alternative Apparel, Eileen Fisher, Pact Apparel, Elizabeth Susann, Bryr Clogs, Only Child, La Causa, Christy Dawn, Reformation and many more. Ethical fashion is something more and more brands are diving into and this is because of YOU. Change comes from the consumer and Ethical companies. Together we can support each other and bring change for those who go unnoticed. If you’d like to learn more about Rana plaza or the real effects of the garment industry, check out the documentary The True Cost.