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The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye

The long goodbye. For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the horrible disease of Alzheimer's. Why is it called the long goodbye? Because Alzheimer's is a slow progressing disease. Life doesn't stop the day of diagnosis. It's a very gradual goodbye. The person you know and love changes slowly over time. As family members, you lose little pieces of this person you love little by little. That’s why they call it a “family disease”. Because it effects everyone who loves that person. It’s a horrible disease that affects close to 6 million people. Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that is affecting more and more people each year.


This new charity we are partnering with and this disease hits close to home. My mother has been diagnosed and has been battling this horrible disease. We first noticed little things like forgetfulness and a lot misplacing items and repeating things over and over. As the years began to pass, her ability to communicate clearly began to suffer. There are days where she wants to tell me something and can't get her thoughts out and begins to cry. It breaks my heart to see her struggle to tell me something as simple as “drive safely” or “thank you”. She raised her sons by herself and gave them the best life she could, completely on her own. I’ll be forever grateful for the sacrifices she made to provide for us and give us the best life she could. Now it’s my turn to honor her and all those suffering with this horrible disease. Even if it’s in a small way. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from a few select blankets to the Alzheimers Association. It's my goal through this to bring awareness to this life changing disease. 

The blankets attached here directly support the fight against Alzheimers. Click any photo to shop these blankets. Through out the years, we have been able to do so much good and donate thousands of dollars to amazing charities. I want to personally say thank you for the impact this community of thoughtful consumers have made. I also want to say thank you for the impact you all have had on our lives. We have chased a dream and turned it into a reality. Now that dream has helped me take personal care of my mother and I can do some good for others dealing with this disease as well. So this one is for you mom. And for all those fighting Alzheimers. And the family members of those who are suffering from the effects of this horrible disease as well. We won't give up.