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Spring Skin Re-boot

Spring Skin Re-boot

Spring is the time for renewal, new beginnings + clean slates. It’s the perfect time of year to revamp things in our wardrobe but also in our skin care! Winter weather can reck havoc on our delicate skin and when Spring rolls around, it’s in need of a little TLC.
Today I’ll be sharing some products I have been loving + that help your skin in renewing itself naturally. As always, these products are all natural with clean ingredients + not tested on animals. We make it a priority to keep it clean in the skin care department because our skin is our bodies largest organ + absorbs most of what a put on it within only a few seconds of applying. As a point of reference — I have oily, acne prone skin. So some of these products are tailored more for that skin type but even if you have different skin needs, these brands all have an array of wonderful products to choose from!

C L E A N S E R 
This Brightening Cleanser from Indie Lee is the newest addition to my skin care routine. Honestly, I haven’t used it a ton yet but I’ve enjoyed it when I have! It has a light liquid / gel like consistency + smells like berries. It’s soothing + refreshing on your skin in both the morning or evening. Just the kind of cleanser I reach for in the warmer months! It’s designed to wash off make up + dirt. It’s said to deliver antioxidants to the skin + gently exfoliate it, which helps bringing radiance back to dull skin.


Birchrose + Co. is one of my all time favorite skin care lines. The creator Beckah, is a skin care genius. Never tried a product from them I haven’t liked. But their Repair Tonic is one I keep getting again + again. The blend of sandalwood + wild citrus awakens my senses. The natural scent is so uplifting. Floral water, aloe vera + witch hazel work together to balance skin. These ingredients help to keep my complexion clear, while the rose hip works to soften so you’re not left with dry skin. The perfect balance!

If you’d like to try any of the products on their site, use code: LIFES10 for 10% off your order. [ You can thank me later ;) ]

B E A U T Y  O I L
In recent years, I’ve gotten more into using oils over cream moisturizers. There are SO many nourishing benefits using oils can deliver to your skin! My favorite brand for beauty oils is Skin Owl. They have a small range of facial oils, targeted for specific skin needs/types. While they’ve expanded their line to include other products, you can rest assured knowing their products have minimal ingredients, are carefully sourced + thoughtfully crafted. Their Lavender Beauty Oil is meant for more acne prone skin, so when I start to feel like my skin is inflamed or a break out coming — this is what I reach for! If you’re not into using oil by itself, you can always mix a drop or two in with your favorite moisturizer for add benefits!


Now when you think of an exfoliant, you probably think of a physical exfoliant — right? Like a scrub. While those are great for sloshing off dead skin cells, chemical exfoliants are fantastic for revealing radiant skin as well. What is a chemical exfoliant? It’s really not as scary as it sounds. Instead of using a physical grain to remove dead skin cells, various acids are used to exfoliate the skin.

Juice Beauty’s GREEN APPLE Peel uses BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) + AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) completely derived from fruit to exfoliate the skin. They have two strengths to choose from — full strength + sensitive. I have the sensitive. On clean skin, apply a thin layer to face, neck, chest + let sit for 10 mins like a facial mask. Rinse off thoroughly + then moisturize as usual. I do this in the evening + wake up in the morning with such soft skin! I repeat this twice a week. It really helps keep skin radiant but also is great for dealing with any scaring or pigmentation on the skin. And since I like to wear less make up this time of year, this is a staple for keeping skin bright + glowing.

Last but not least — don’t forget the rest of your body! I love multipurpose products like this Lemongrass Body Oil from Primally Pure. I use this as an all over body oil right after the shower. A tip here is to not full dry off completely after the shower, but apply a body oil while skin is still semi damp. This locks in more moisture for supple, nourished skin. No one wants dry legs or arms when its hot out! Aside from being a great moisturizer for your skin, you can also use this on the ends of your hair or on your face.

For a free lip balm with purchase from Primally Pure’s online shop, simply add a lip balm of your choosing to the cart, along with whatever else you want to order. At check out just use code: lifesimplified + the lip balm will be deducted from your total cost. [Their lip balms are very nourishing + smells so good too!]

I share more green skin care alternatives on my instagram page @life_simplified, so if you’d like to see more products like these + what I think of them — give me a follow! Also, tell me YOUR favorite skin care products right now in the comments! I’d love to hear what’s working of you all.

XO Cassidy