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Exciting News + Things Coming Soon!

Exciting News + Things Coming Soon!

We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes here at Wakened Apparel and we wanted to share with our community what we have in store for you! To start off, we are updating you on a couple of things that we have been doing with the website. We've been doing a lot of work to really showcase who we are as a brand and our mission. We also want to make our website as user friendly as possible, so we have been working to make this possible. Very soon you will see a few more features and updates to the website that'll make it more user friendly. 

We also wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few items we have coming out within the next week or two. We will be launching two new blankets and soon a new custom tee with a fun design. We will also will be discontinuing a few items available right now. So if you have been on the fence about a certain piece you want (especially on items with limited sizing), now is the time.

Our last announcement is a big one. We are starting our very own podcast! We will be talking about a variety of topics from sustainable living, zero waste, stories, running a business, travel, and much more. We will be launching our first ever podcast episode Monday the 11th of March. Make sure you subscribe to to make sure your the first to know, as well as follow our Instagram where we post regularly. We are super excited to kick off this project and we hope you'll join us by listening in. We'd also love to hear any feedback you have on specific topics you'd like to hear us discuss. 

As you can see, we have a lot in the works and we are thrilled to bring these changes to our amazing community. Thank you for all your support and support for our charity partners!