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Simple Travel Skin Care

Simple Travel Skin Care

If there is one thing I've learned from my travels is that it's best to keep it as light as possible in the packing department. This can sometimes be tricky with skin care because it's a sneaky area in which you can easily over pack. Here I will share a quick list of two of my favorite brands that I use on a daily basis and also enjoy traveling with!

 All of these products are very natural and effective. A win-win that can be hard to come by sometimes.


This was really the first all-natural deodorant that actually worked for me. (Which was a big deal.) It keeps me stink free all day! The baking soda and essential oils are what makes it so effective. I always come back to the lemongrass scent of this one, but they have other lovely scents as well.

D R Y  S H A M P O O 

One thing I don't want to worry about when traveling is washing my hair. Between traveling in cars/planes for hours and the various water types you can come across during lodging, I like to keep my hair fresh with dry shampoo. Plus, if you're taking a short trip for a weekend, with dry shampoo, you won't even have to pack regular shampoo or conditioner! This is my favorite one. They have a travel size, which is really convenient.


Toner and facial mists are so great because they're pretty versatile. You can use them on your face in place of face wash, to set make up, to spritz midday or even to freshen up your under arm area during a long day of traveling or activities. I make sure to always have one on hand. This one by Birchrose + Co is so so good! It helps maintain a clear complexion without drying out your skin. And the smell just awakens your senses. Sometimes with this I don't even need moisturizer.



This serum is oh, so fancy. It's rich oils nourish the skin and do wonders for it! It seems to help whatever issues I may be having or develop during our travels.


These aren't really necessary but they do make getting ready in the morning whole lot easier, so I can get onto whatever adventures that day has in store sooner!
* G L O W  S E R U M  |  Gives a subtle highlight for glowing skin.
* F R A G R A N C E  | Keeps you smelling good and also adds new memories from your travels into your signature scent.
* L I P S T I C K  |  A great pop for minimal makeup and can also double as blush for your cheeks.

If you'd like to try any items from the brands Birchrose + Co or Primally Pure that I shared above, I have discount codes you are more than welcome to use!
B I R C H R O S E + C O  |  LIFES10 = 10% off
P R I M A L L Y  P U R E  |  use 'lifesimplified' for a free lip balm. Just add your lip balm of choice to your cart along with your order and once the code is applied, the lip balm will be taken off the total.

I'd love to hear what your favorite skin care products are to travel with! Leave them in the comments.


With Love, Cassidy