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Savoring the Last Bit of Summer

Savoring the Last Bit of Summer

Whenever we begin to transition into another season, I find myself at times being pulled to jump into the next one. When I start to feel that, I pause. I remind myself to savor this magical in between space, as the current season bleeds into a new one. It's a special time that I've been enjoying with more intention. It's almost like when you know a family member or beloved friend is going away for a while. You want to soak up and enjoy all the time you can with them because you know it'll be a while before you see them again. That's how I feel about saying goodbye to the passing season. A farewell until next year. So here are some ways we've been savoring the last bit of summer....

Drinking all the watermelon slushies! These are my favorite. I keep a bag full of chopped watermelon in the freezer. I take a few frozen chunks and add them to a blender, along with refrigerated (or room temp) chopped watermelon and a dash of coconut water. Sometimes I also add the juice from half a lime or lemon as well. Blend and serve! A delicious cold beverage that'll make you feel like your on a tropical vacation.

Spending as much time outside. All summer we've loved spending time outside. I shared in a previous blog post that we have been spending a lot of time hanging out on our outdoor sectional and having al fresco dinners there. Walking or riding bikes where we can, enjoying local live music on Thursday evenings, going to food truck spots. Also, spending more intentional time outside with my coffee in the morning and walking through the garden is my absolute favorite way to start the day.

photo credit: @lyndav.b

Tending to the garden. In the past few years, I've slowly gotten more and more into gardening. I'm still such a novice but I find so much joy from it. There's a sense of pride I get from cultivating it. And it makes me smile seeing how well our plants are doing when I look out the window.

Painting. I love painting especially in the summer. In case you didn't know, David and I also sell artwork here. There's something about painting in the summertime, listening to French jazz and Frank Sinatra that just makes me feel so invigorated.

I hope you enjoy making memories during the tail end of summer and see the magic of the transition.

xx Cassidy