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Plastic Free July (Win a $150 Store Credit)

Plastic Free July (Win a $150 Store Credit)

Many of us would like to live a more earth friendly lifestyle. To lessen the waste we produce and plastic we consume. But sometimes knowing where to start can be overwhelming. For those of you who feel that way, the month of July is a great opportunity for you to try out eco-living. And I'll tell you why...

Each year in the month of July there is a movement called Plastic Free July. We have created our own spin on it with our #EcoWakenedChallenge. For the month of July, we are inviting you to join us in 5 specific ways of reducing waste. In our latest podcast episode, we break down the 5 things we will be focusing on but you are more than welcome to do what is best in line with your circumstances. The point isn't perfection but to try it out and potentially create new habits! There is also a pretty sweet prize for the winner. A $150 store credit to! To participate and enter in to win, simply share your efforts in living eco-friendly on Instagram via your Stories and Grid posts. We will be sharing how we are doing throughout the challenge on @WakenedApparel on instagram, as well as sharing your posts with our community. We will also be giving weekly updates on the podcast, letting you know how we are doing. We go more in detail in the episode but here is the guidelines in short of how to participate. 

Here is how to participate:

1. Bring a reusable cup when grabbing beverages to go (avoid disposable coffee/drink cups)
2. Use reusable utensils when eating on-the-go or when ordering food in (say no to plastic cutlery)
3. Bring a reusable bag(s) when shopping for clothes or groceries
4. Recycle/Compost (try it! See what options you have available in your area. To find a couple of compost bins for your counter click here and here.)
5. Purchase consciously. Support local, small companies with ethical and sustainable practices. Try to avoid impulse buying. (shopping second hand also counts in this category)

*You are still participating even if you share things other than what are on this list! Show us all the ways you are trying to live more eco-friendly! Don't forget to tag us on instagram @WakenedApparel and use #EcoWakenedChallenge.