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Pets In Need

Pets In Need


Pets In Need is northern California’s first no-kill animal shelter. The mission of Pets In Need is to advance the no-kill movement, reduce pet homelessness, and find every dog and cat a loving home. We accomplish our mission by rescuing cats and dogs from public shelters in the Bay Area and beyond when they are in danger of being euthanized due to space or financial limitations.


We are honored to be able to support a local rescue to us! The way we help Pets in Need is by donating 10% of each item sold in their collection to them. When you make a purchase of any items in their collection, you are directly aiding in the placement + prevention of homeless pets. As well as giving a second chance to a life that could have easily been ended. When local shelters have more funding, they have more resources to help a great quantity of animals with better quality. No-kill shelters are hard to come by + for that reason have chosen to support Pets in Need! Together with your support, we can provide care + a chance at a forever home to homeless pets.

Together we can help save the lives of pets like:

Each necklace purchased donates 10% of proceeds to Pets In Need