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On the Horizon: Looking Ahead and Letting Go

On the Horizon: Looking Ahead and Letting Go

If you've been around here lately, then you know we've been talking about some changes we will be making to Wakened. Namely new additions like our own custom garments! But with the new things we are planning to slowly add, we will not be bringing some other products back, once they're sold out.

Since we work with a small space and it's only David and I behind the scenes, we try to keep our collection size manageable. So some of the pieces in the store will now be deemed 'limited editions'. These items will be the Pom Pom blanket, Maverick blanket and Laguna blanket. For tops, we won't be bringing back the Wild & Free tee, Free to Roam tee, California Strong tee, Human Kindness tee, Adventure Sweater and the unisex hoodie.

What will they be replaced with?

Don't worry, we won't be getting rid of products willy nilly. We have always been very intentional about what we do with Wakened and we want to provide the best quality product for you! As we grow, we are constantly learning new ways to fine tune our offerings to our customers. Going forward we are focusing even more heavily on quality, design and making it easier for you to make a positive impact in the world through our products.

We will still be keeping the majority of our blankets but only a few of our T-shirts. (New designs are coming!). The shifts we are making will be happening over the next few months, so you've got a little time to snag some limited-editon products. But don't wait too long, because once they're gone...they're gone! We hope you will love our new garment designs, T-shrits and blankets we have coming on the horizon!