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Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

This episode is the follow up to our last episode where we talked about the fires happening in the Amazon. This devastating disaster and the current state of our environment worldwide has left many concerned about how they can lessen their contribution of carbon into our atmosphere. But we got you covered! In this episode share some actionable steps you can take in your life to reduce your carbon footprint.

One thing we meant to mention (but forgot because we were exhausted) is that you can also support businesses that support the rainforest and planting trees. Many of the items we sell on plant 20 trees with each item sold. All of our items are ethically made either in the U.S. or through Fair Trade.

Here are some organizations you can donate to that are helping the rainforest:

Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Foundation
Amazon Watch
Earth Alliance
Amazon Conservation Team
World Wildlife Fund

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