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Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend

Every year approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nation wide. Roughly 3.9 million of those are dogs and 3.4 are cats. There are many reasons why animals are in shelters, from owners giving them up to animal control finding them on the streets. Roughly 1 out of 10 dogs will get adopted. That means the remaining will mostly get euthanized. It's a sobering reality but it's one that CAN be changed. The way that change can come about, is by working together. Here we are sharing 7 tips you can do to help out a shelter pet that needs a home.


1. Adopt: Probably the most obvious but so important! If you're looking for a furry companion, visit your local shelters. Whatever you do, don't shop - ADOPT! Did you know that about 20%-30% of shelter pets are pure bread? There are also many 'bread specific' rescues across the nation, so even if you have some particular animal in mind - you can take advantage of those resources as well! And if you don't have a specific bread in mind, you'll have more options of beautiful mutts than you'd know what to do with. From personal experience, rescues also seem to have the best personalities, stories and appreciation. Visit your local shelter and search there for your Fur-baby. 

2. Support your local shelters: So maybe you aren't in the position to adopt an actual animal. There is still much you can do to help. DONATE! By donating to your local shelters you are assuring that your money is going to helping homeless pets in your area. If you feel like going nationwide to support animals, support non kill shelters.

3. Help spread the word: if you see a post for pets in need of homes, post it to your instagram, Facebook, twitter, or any social media platform you use. Or email the information to a friend you know is in the market for a pet! By spreading the message you can help make sure those homeless pets find their forever home. 

4. Volunteer: Use your skills to help a soul in need. Maybe you have some extra time to help around the shelter. Most are very flexible about your schedule as well and just appreciate the help! You can donate your skills with social media, or marketing too. Any help you can give is so appreciated by shelters.

5. Donate supplies: Even if you don't have the financial resources to donate money and you don't have the time to volunteer, you can still donate supplies. This can be anything from food, leashes, toys, to blankets, towels and beds. These are items that are always in high demand at shelters. You can bring brand new things but if you ever are planning to get rid of old towels, blankets or sheets - take them to your local shelter instead of throwing them out! You could even bring items that a pet you had that passed away once enjoyed. Every little thing really does matter. Especially to small low-funded shelters.

6. SPAY and NEUTER your pets: This is definitely a decisions responsible pet owners should be making. Part of bringing the number of animals in shelters down, is slowing down the production where we can. And this is something that is totally in our hands! By doing this you are helping control the against pet overpopulation. Many vet clinics even do a free monthly spay and neutering day, so it doesn't even have to take anything out of your pocket!

7. Purchases companies that support CHARITIES: When doing your shopping, support companies that are giving back. You can help animals by just a simple purchase for yourself that doesn't even necessarily have to do with animals. Look for companies that are giving back and that are making a difference. With a little research, you'll find there are quite a lot of brands working to benefit animals by a portion of their proceeds.

We can make a big difference for pets in need. We ourselves adopted our Fur-baby from Alabama and he's the best friend we could ever ask for! Show us your Fur-best friend by tagging @wakenedapparel in your instagram post, or your twitter post Wakned Apparel or our Facebook page  in a photo of your pet using the #wakenedfuriends we would love to see your pets! Here is ours. His name is Aiko. He's a big boy but one of the laziest dog you'll ever meet. He loves to lay in the sun, a good car ride and above all, he loves his humans!