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When we first started Wakened, we wanted to incorporate our personal values and passions into the company. Something specific we have great concern for is our environment. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to implement new knowledge into how we choose to produce our garments. In the beginning of our journey, quite frankly we didn’t know much about the materials in a garment. All we strived for at that point in time was something that was soft to the touch and wore well. We weren’t aware of the harmful pollutants that could impact the environment through certain fabrics.

But as we grow, we in turn apply new found understandings into the company. In this case, the fabrics our garments are composed of. Like we said before, initially we had little knowledge of fabrics. After much research though, we’ve found that some fabrics can be very harmful to the environment. This effect can come from various stages of a garments life — from the sourcing raw materials, to the production, the distribution and ‘home’ life, all the way down to the disposal.

Going forward, we decided to make the switch to more sustainable materials that either grow from the earth (cotton, linen, bamboo — preferably organic) or that are not virgin polyester (RPET, made from recycled plastic bottles). We think it is important to use natural materials in our fabrics because they are biodegradable (meaning when the garment is no longer useable, it can return to the earth), the fibers released when washing doesn’t harm our water ways and ocean creatures and it’s not contributing towards the use of synthetic materials that deplete our natural resources.

As much as we love the benefits of working with all-natural fibers, we cannot deny that there is an exorbitant amount of plastic that has already been produced on our planet. Most of which is sitting in landfills, other people’s backyards or even worse — our oceans. Instead of taking more resources from the earth (though they may be natural), we also feel a strong responsibility to use what is already here. To use what has already been produced. Just because something has been discarded does not make it trash. We are happy to marry the two of these fabric sources into a more sustainable and accessible option for our customers.

In addition to being concerned about the environmental effects, we care a great deal about avoiding harm done to the individuals who make our clothing -- in all steps of the process. A wonderful advantage of using organic cotton verses non-organic, is that the farmers and cotton growers don't need to suffer from the dangerous effects of using heavy pesticides. There has been studies showing many links between pesticide-use and long term disease or even defect to the growers and children being raised near concentrated areas where heavy pesticides are used on crops. This is something that is completely avoidable. That's why we are striving to create a higher level of sustainability, while lowering the harm done to our planet and those who are making the garments we wear. 

We are excited to announce our new line of sustainable apparel. As you already know our blankets are made by hand, and the hands making them are fair trade artisans. They come together as a community using the money earned to build community centers, schools, and send their children to school ensuring a better life for everyone. These blankets are made from recycled and repurposed apparel and dyed by each artisan. In order to improve the way our apparel is made we have launched all new items, including more blankets. Our new apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% organic cotton. All apparel is made here in the USA. Together we can change the way our fashion is made and the impact it has on our planet. We will continue to bring you pieces that are made consciously and will continue to support amazing causes. Every purchase has a purpose. 

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