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Welcome To The Wakened Podcast!

Welcome To The Wakened Podcast!

We have something new and exciting to share with you guys. If you read our last blog post, you’ll know we spoke about it briefly on there but if you didn’t then you can hear it here first....we started a podcast! We’ve been bouncing around this idea for a while and finally put it into motion this month. It’s called The Wakened Podcast. 

Why did we decide to start a podcast? 

Well, we’ve been wanting to put out more content for you guys. Not just any content but things we think you guys will really enjoy and get value from. We also wanted to find a platform that would allow us to connect with you more. Wakened was founded and is still run by just us, David and Cassidy. We wanted to be able to talk about things more behind the scenes in a relaxed format. And also create an area we can talk more about lifestyle and not just our company. That’s why we chose to go the route of podcasting. There’s something about audio that is personally one of our favorite ways of taking in information. So we thought — why not try it!

What can you expect to hear on our podcast?

Like we stated earlier, we want this podcast to be focused more on lifestyle. This will range from sustainable living, to traveling tips, things we are finding value in and ways to help you live a more eco-conscious life. We are all about practicality, so you can expect some tips and tricks that we’ve tried and tested. We also hope to eventually interview some rad people doing awesome things in their respected fields.

How can you have input?

Since this is all for you guys, we’d LOVE to hear from our #WakenedTribe! What topics are you interested in hearing us discuss? They can be vague or detailed — we just want your feedback! You can leave your ideas here or drop them in the comment section of our latest post on Instagram. To be the first to find out when each podcast goes live, subscribe to our website to get an email. Also, we plan to be a sponsor free podcast. If you’d like to support our podcast, simply make a purchase from our site. You’ll be support our efforts, the incredible things our charity partners are doing and sustainable and ethical production practices.

We are so grateful for the support of you guys, our amazing community. And are excited to share this new journey with you!

Our Podcast Website HERE don't forget to subscribe.

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