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Inventory Sale + What's Coming Next

Inventory Sale + What's Coming Next



Recently, you may have seen that we launched a sale on the website. Other than just being a sweet little opportunity for you to treat yourself, it’s main purpose is to clear out our current inventory to make room for the great stuff we’ve got coming!

We launched Wakened Apparel two years ago and since then have grown so much! Not only in our customer basis but in our actual brand. The essence of Wakened, if you will. As us, the owners, have grown in our knowledge of fashion, garments + design — we wish to reflect that more in our products. In the beginning, it was very much a learning process for us. Experimenting with much trial + error. Some of this included finding our voice + the style we really wanted to emulate.

We’ve also educated ourselves further on garment quality. Something we knew very little of + are still learning more about. Since learning more about the differences in garment quality, as well as the environmental impact, we’ve chosen to head in an more sustainable direction with our garments. Part of how we #LiveWakened, is trying to live with a low carbon footprint. Our aim is to provide more shirts that have natural sources in their fibers. Heading in that direction can be slightly more costly, but with your support, we look forward producing garments that are more sustainable for the planet!

Art is another core value of ours, since our garments display graphics we’ve designed. We are excited about some new artwork concepts we have in the works, as well as an updated logo coming soon! We want all of our customers to always wear their Wakened tees with pride + love the artwork on them.

To all the fellas out there in our #WakenedTribe, your time has come! Thank you for your patience. We have not forgotten about you. We have in the works all new unisex + mens apparel coming soon!

With all the things to come, we plan to produce in smaller batches. So there is less inventory that goes to waste. Because of this, once certain items that are on sale right now are sold out, they will not be brought back. Get them while you can! Even with the highly discounted sale prices you pay, we still donate the same 10% as always to our charity partners.

Thank you so much for your support! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. If you haven’t check out the sale yet, head over there right now! It’s a great chance to shop your wish list, favorites or get a gift for a friend.