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Introducing the Marin & Sausalito Blankets

Introducing the Marin & Sausalito Blankets

We are excited to share two new color ways for our Falsa blankets! The Marin blanket features a gorgeous mossy green, making it the perfect fit in a neutral or nature-lovers home. The Sausalito blanket holds a little more of a punch of color. It's brick red and teal tones pair beautifully together. The beauty of these blankets is that they can be enjoyed both inside and outdoors. Lay it over a chair or at the foot of your bed, create a cozy moment to cuddle up with a book, loved one or fur baby or bring it with you on your next camping trip or exploring adventure!

The name of these blankets were chosen based on areas I grew up in within Marin County. The green in the Marin blanket remind me of the vibrant rolling hills through out Marin and the sea moss clinging onto rocks along the coastline. The Sausalito blanket reminded me of the character and charm of the small coastal town of Sausalito that I lived in for a time as a kid. Fun fact: Sausalito is also where David and I spent a lot of time when we were dating because it was the half way point for both of us. So this town will always hold a special place in our hearts and it only feels right that we name one of our blankets after that quaint town.

We often lovingly refer to our blankets as "The Good Blanket" because the impact of their purchases are far reaching. They're made from 100% textile waste. Why is this a good thing? By using textile waste as the material to make our blankets, this diverts clothing and textiles from sitting in landfill and repurposes them instead. Once the textiles are stripped back down into fibers, they're spun, hand woven and hand dyed by our artisans in Southern Mexico.

These artisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. There are no forced laboring or sweat shops. Rather, they decide how much they want to work and produce. This is important because having available work keeps providers for families in their communities. This helps to keep families together, which in turn contributes towards community development.

We also care deeply about our planet and animals in need. So a portion of each proceed from these blankets, along with all our other blankets, go towards causes we hold dear to our hearts. The Marin blanket plants 20 trees for each one sold, while 10% from the proceeds of the Sausalito blanket donate towards helping pets in need get a second chance.

We are so stoked about what we've got coming in 2022 and cannot wait to share it all with you!