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Introducing Bags

Introducing Bags

For a long time we've just offered blankets and tops but now we are adding a new category -- bags! We launched our Crochet Bucket Bags a few weeks ago and just launched our Hammock Totes. Each different bag style comes in two different color ways. The Crochet Bucket Bag comes in a mustard/white and grey/white chevron design and the Hammock Totes come in a multi colored striped design, as well as a thicker striped design in muted colors that take us to the desert.

Because of the colors in the latter description, we fittingly named it Mojave. And the other striped and slightly more colorful version of that tote is called the Doheny, after Doheny State Beach in California. A spot Cassidy spent time in her childhood. These totes are perfect for a day spend by the pool or at the beach, trips to the market or just as your catch all while you're out and about. The colors are both perfect for the concluding summer and heading into Autumn.

The Crochet Bucket Bags have been a hit as well! Their tight crochet weaving makes them sturdy and unique. Their crossbody strap makes it easy to throw on and go! It's laid back look, easily pairs with many styles. Pair it with a flowy skirt + wide brim hat or wear it with a basic jeans and tee shirt outfit. Either way, this will be your new go-to!

As with all our items, how they are made is so important to us! Each one of these bags were made by Fair Trade artisans in Guatemala. All items were made in fair working conditions with fair wages. Each individual bag also donates a portion of its proceeds to its designated charity partner. Depending on which bag you purchase you could be helping plant trees or aiding in animal conservation and rescue!

These are the little ways in which we have the power to make our world a better place. Step by step. One purchase at a time.