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Inspiration for Summer Spaces

Inspiration for Summer Spaces

As we are all still stuck at home currently, it's got a lot of us thinking of how we can embrace the space we are in more. We are in full spring swing and summer is just around the corner. Since our travels have halted all together or been very limited, making the areas in our home more of a place we want to spend time in is all the more alluring. Whether that's inside or outside!

I've always LOVED a good mood board. I've pinned more than I can count and now I have an album I save inspiring boards to on my Instagram. Last night, I decided to take a crack at creating some of my own! I even asked you guys on my Instagram @Life_Simplified, what styles you'd like to see me make a mood board of. Some of the boards I share in this post were my own ideas and one was inspired by the styles you suggested! I had a lot of fun putting them together. Mood boards are great because they allow you to visualize the potential of a space on the macro. The larger picture where you can see just how well each element can work together to create an over all look and feeling. I'm thinking this might be a new reoccurring monthly blog post! I've tried to include some links to either the item in the photos or similar ones. These are meant to serve as inspiration! So you'll most likely be able to find similar versions of these items in various price points.

1. B O H E M I A N  L U X E 

This first one is my favorite interior mood board! And it was actually a style suggested by someone on Instagram. The goal here was a minimal base with well chosen larger scale pieces that had interest to them lending to that luxe feel. A tip for making any space feel more luxurious or expensive is to up your scale! If the space allows, opt for larger pieces and less of them. This gives each piece their own moment and looks very intentional. I chose accents and textiles with character and texture to relax the space a bit and give it that bohemian feel I love so much. A beautiful vibrant vintage rug will ground the space and designate that area as its own zone and of course, add a punch of color. Picking up on the subtle tones of blue and cream found in the rug, I incorporated them in the pillows. The metal Moroccan style hanging pendant lamps add another layer of texture by introducing metal into the space. Plus it lends itself to that "well-traveled" look, which goes hand in hand with the bohemian culture. Then I brought another element of metal with brass in the peace sign hand sculpture on the coffee table to anchor the book. With this large in scale of a coffee table, I'd add more large coffee table books, maybe 2-3 stacked on each other and a 'found' vessel with some other natural elements in it. (Here are some links to items in this board or similar ones:
rustic coffee table here here here    Couch    Chair    Pillows here here here here   book   peace sign hand  moroccan pendant lights here here here)

2.  B O T A N I C A L  M I N I M A L I S T  R E T R E A T

For all you minimalist, neutral loving, plant parents -- this one is for you! This room is all about bringing the outdoors in. A haven of soft neutrals, lots of texture and PLANTS. The color pallet here really is white, cream, undyed natural and green. This allows the plants to be the main attraction visually but still keep the surroundings nice and cozy. (Here are links to items in the board or similar ones: bedding, jute rug, blanket throw, sheep skin, chair, pillow, rattan pendant lights.)

3.  G A R D E N  G A T H E R I N G S

Now we are getting into some outdoor living spaces! This board just makes me want to sip some freshly squeezed lemonade or sweet tea under the shade of a magnolia tree, on a beautiful spring day. This was inspired by a small washed brick patio space. Depending on what pieces you choose and how you configure them, you can still utilize small decks or patio spaces to create a outdoor living or dining area. (Here are links to items in this boards or similar ones: throw blanket, pillow, chair, table, bench, hanging lanterns.

4.  O U T D O O R  L I V I N G

This one is actually my personal inspiration for our backyard hang out area! I love teak wood, paired with the white cushions. And the L shape just beckons someone to come take an afternoon catnap on it! We just got a baby olive tree, so I cannot wait for it to grow into this size tree. And who wouldn't want some sort of fire pit or chimney for summer nights? (Here are links to items in this board or similar ones: chimney, sectional set, pillow, throw blanket, rug)
Hope you guys liked these! Which was your favorite?