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How You're Changing The World

How You're Changing The World

Hey, Wakened Tribe! To start off, let us just give each and every one of you a big thank you. (Come in for a group hug!) You all make Wakened Collective what it is and the amount of good we have been able to do together is only because of you. As Wakened grows, we look to the future thinking of how we can improve our production and make a bigger difference. From the sourcing of sustainable materials, to the fair, safe and ethical working conditions, to the final product in your hands. We also focus a great deal on giving back. And because of that, we are excited to tell you that you have been supporting some amazing charities with your purchases! Your purchases have helped with the conservation and rescue of elephants and rhinos -- finding forever homes for homeless pets -- planting trees worldwide and helping farmers make a living -- bringing awareness to saving our oceans and marine life. All this work can be done because of YOUR support. 


We have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars collectively and plant over 25,000 trees and counting. We have been able to take the time to thoughtfully produce pieces instead of following the ever popular and detrimental 'Fast Fashion' way of production, where working conditions for people are horrendous. Instead, we have been able to create items with Fair Trade artisans in countries like Mexico, India and Peru. As well as produce ethical garments in the United States. All of the sales from our blankets help keep families together, enabling parents send their children to school and feel proud of the work they do. You are helping change the world with every purchase. Each time you buy from us, you are making a statement that things should be done better. That people, animals, and our planet matter. We wanted to create a way that made it easy for people to give back and have a positive contribution on other's lives. Together, we have created something so special. From the bottom of hearts we thank you for being apart of this journey!


With grateful hearts,

Cassidy and David 

Wakened Collective Co-Founders

P.S. You all rock!!