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How to Support Small Businesses During a Lockdown

How to Support Small Businesses During a Lockdown

The current state of the world seems to be ever changing since the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Every day there are new guidelines and restrictions put in place to ensure the safety of communities and in an effort to get the spread under control. Which we should all be grateful for! In the area in which we live, the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been directed to Shelter in Place for the next few weeks. This basically means not being active outside the home, except for essential reasons. For example: groceries, banks, hospital, etc. Restaurants are still open but not available for dining in. Take out or delivery is the only option as it stands right now. Many stores have had to close their doors for the time being.

As a small business though, we know how much a business relies on the support of their community to stay a float. For many, this will prove to be a trying time. We know just like us though, you all love supporting small businesses and seeing them thrive! So don't feel totally helpless here. There are some things you can do to keep small businesses going during this time.

S H O P  S M A L L

When you do need to purchase something, try to get it from small business first. Locally, depending on your restrictions, can be challenging. But reach out and see if they have a pick up or delivery option. Some brick and mortar shops have even gone online for the time being. For small businesses online, many are still shipping out orders. For many small businesses, this is their entire livelihood. And even if they have additional income through another job, they probably aren't able to work that job right now, making their businesses their bread and butter as well. Before you head to places like Amazon, check first to see if you can find what you need with any small businesses.

S H A R E  W I T H  Y O U R  C O M M U N I T Y 

You might not be in the financial position to support many small businesses monetarily, but you can spread their awareness within your community. This can be done by word of mouth or by posting on your social media platforms.

L E A V E  A  R E V I E W 

If you've had a positive experience with a small business, whether online or local to you, leave a nice review! Many places rely on reviews to help new customers find them. A few kind words can go a long way and are so appreciated!

We are all in this together! There is no need to panic or give into fear during these times. The quarantining will hopefully help this to get under control sooner, so we can get back to business as usual. We urge you to follow the guidelines set in place from your local officials. As a way to put a little cheer in your homebound days, we decided to throw a special surprise SALE! USE CODE 'CABINFEVER' for 30% off your entire order!