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How to Have an Ethical Wardrobe on a Budget

How to Have an Ethical Wardrobe on a Budget

In this day of age when fast fashion is readily available at a very cheap price, Ethical Fashion can seem out of reach for some. And understandably so! We have been conditioned to accept and expect the cheap prices of garments as the cost we pay for clothing. And since the entire premise of Ethical Fashion is to make sure everyone in the supply chain is getting paid fairly, this often leads to the true cost of a garment being accounted for in its final price. A price tag that might be a lot higher than it's fast fashion counter part in most cases. So what if you want to have an Ethical wardrobe but are not in the position to pay for higher ticket items? In this post we will give you a 4 ways to do it on a budget!

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Use what you already have

This may not sound like a very novel idea, but it's one that can quickly get over looked in our disposable society. When funds are real tight, going out and buying something new just isn't always an option. Since our desire to shop usually stems from wanting something 'new', we find simply shopping your closet can fill that void! Try looking through you closet, even clothes in storage and take inventory of what you have. Are there items you love but haven't worn in a while? Are there things that have barely been worn at all? Challenge yourself to wear them in a new way! Whether that be tying a knot at the bottom of your shirt, tucking something in, wearing a different accessory with it or styling it with a piece not usually worn together -- these are all great ways to freshen up or add that sense of new into your wardrobe without spending dime!

Do a Clothes Swap

Okay, so maybe you've had the same clothes in your wardrobe since high school or you're just completely uninspired by your own pieces but don't have the dough to just go out and buy something you do love. Grab a friend or two and give swapping clothes a try! Just because you're over a few pieces in your wardrobe doesn't mean your friend won't absolutely love them. This way you've even got a shopping buddy, yet you guys still aren't needing to spend any money. You could easily do this with family members, friends or roommates!

Shop Secondhand

No more is second hand shopping looked down upon. In fact, now a days, it's kind of the thing to do. You can find such unique treasures and the best part is, it's very inexpensive! I personally started thrifting when I got my first job. After realizing how fast money can go when you're paying for your own stuff, you're willing to pinch pennies anywhere! That's when I discovered thrifting and I've been doing it ever since. You can visit brick and mortar stores that sometimes have Dollar Days (where literally everything is $1) or you can also go to more upscale consignment shops or use online resources like eBay, Poshmark or ThredUP. If you're looking for more specific items, those places are great. Whichever way you shop second hand though, you are shopping ethically because you're supporting the second hand market and not adding new waste into the waste stream.

Take Care of What You Love

Lastly, the most sustainable thing to do is to take good care of the items we already have. When we do so, pieces don't have to be replaced that often and they end up lasting a long time. Caring for your clothes can include how we clean them to how we store them. For most clothing items, washing with cold water is ideal (to ensure the integrity of the threads and dyes are kept) and flat or line drying is a great option to. Heat can be very damaging long term to fibers, prints and dyes so avoiding it when possible will help your garments. But not all garments are the same, so make sure to care according to the care instructions recommended for each piece. For example, our blankets and tees we recommend washing on cold and air drying. Doing this will ensure a long lifespan for each item. Garments that are well taken care of, last longer and allow us to enjoy them for years and years to come.

xx Cassidy