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Home Decor Essential: Hurricanes

Home Decor Essential: Hurricanes

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When I think about what I'd include as a solid foundation for a home decor capsule, a glass hurricane is one of the first things to come to mind. It's a piece I think everyone should have, regardless of your style. It's classic, simple, elegant and versatile. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Go for a timeless clean look with a clear footed hurricane or opt for a ribbed detailing or smoked glass effect to make things visually interesting or achieve a moody vibe. 

They're versatile because they're essentially a two-in-one product. A vase you can display flowers in and a candle holder. You don't just have to stop at those two options either. I've used smaller hurricanes to house paint brushes I wish to display, You can get really creative here with them! 

They're also an easy way to create larger visual scale with your shorter pillar candles. When candles are lit from inside them, the light flickers around the glass making a beautiful warm glow. This effect can vary depending on things like shape, size, color and any detailing on the glass. I love a ribbed hurricane because not only does it look cool on its own with nothing inside, but the light has varied surfaces to bounce off of, in turn creating a lovely effect. I also am really into smoked glass as of late. Perfect for evoking a moody, edgy or sophisticated feel for fall!

Even with a simple plain glass hurricane, you can change up the pillar candle color you put inside. I'm currently lusting after pillar candles with deeper hues, as opposed to my usual go-to white or cream ones. Pillar candles are also a great option for those who love candlelight but don't like or can't tolerate fragrance. I find hurricanes to be a solid part of any home decor arsenal and also make great gifts for friends and family. Below I've linked some hurricanes and pillar candles at various price points.

Glass hurricanes: Crate & BarrelCB2 1, 2 ,3 / Williams Sonoma / Target