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Happy Glamper

Happy Glamper

With summer still going strong, 'tis the season for enjoying the great outdoors! One great way to soak in all nature has to offer for a few days is by camping. I have something to admit though. I'm not the biggest fan of camping. Like legit camping. But David on the other hand loves totally roughing it in the wilderness! I prefer to take more of a "glamping" approach.  If you're unfamiliar with the term, glamping is basically camping luxuriously. If there ever was such a thing.

See glamping has been catching a lot of popularity in recent years with people wanting to engage and connect with the outdoors more while still maintaining certain amenities. (A restroom, shower access and a sleeping situation more reminiscent of home.)

This has sparked a huge movement of people buying RV's, airstreams, vans and trailers either brand new or renovating older ones and adding their own touch to them. Not all of us who want to experience that glamping lifestyle though can afford to go out and buy and maintain such vehicles. Thankfully there are more and more places popping up that help you to achieve that glamping experience!

One we wanted to share with you guys is Auto Camp. (We are in no way sponsored by them, we just think what they're doing is really cool!) They have two locations in California as of right now -- Russian River (Northern California) and Santa Barbara (Southern California) but will soon be opening another Northern California location in Yosemite! (We can't wait to visit that one.)

We've never personally stayed at any of their locations but we are wanting to plan  trip soon! Especially since the Russian River location is so close to us (and I grew up not too far from there). If you visit their site or instagram page, you'll instantly fall in love with the beauty, charm and vintage camp vibes they achieve on their grounds. (Pssst...They're having an awesome giveaway right now for one night spent at their Russian River location so head to their Instagram page to enter.)

If looking to book, you have three options for rooming. Their Airstream Suite (fully renovated Airstream all to yourself, including a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. And you can even reserve a pet friendly one!), Redwood Suite (Wooden enclosed structure with glass doors letting in lots of natural light and the beauty of your surroundings) and Luxury Tent (large roomy tent with a bed). All Suites have their own individual porch area, some including a fire pit and chairs circling it.

For Those not staying in the Airstream Suites, there are very nice well kept communal bathrooms. They look as luxurious as they get! You'll probably forget that your actually "camping". They also have a shop with local snacks, wine, beer and camping essentials (in case you forgot some) and bikes you can ride to the local town on or just around the camp site.

If camping isn't really your thing but you'd like to spend a few days designated to taking a digital detox and reviving your soul with fresh air and time spent in nature. This place would definitely be worth looking into!

xx Cassidy