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Fall Skin Care Favorites

Fall Skin Care Favorites

How exciting it is when the season changes! We enjoy summer but we also do love fall very much. The air gets a little crisper, the leaves start to get crunchy + you get to wear more of your layers. Such a great time of year! With each new season, I like to switch up my skin care routine a bit, while also keeping it green + Eco-friendly. Here are some of our fall skin care favorites so far!

OIL CLEANSER // The one I have here is brand new Primally Pure product in my beauty cabinet + I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I've been using the "Oil Cleansing Method" for years now to take off my make up. And this oil takes it off like a charm! All I do is massage the oil into my face + around my eyes (working off the make up from the day), press a warm/hot wet washcloth against my skin for a few seconds + then wipe off my make up. I repeat this until there is no more make up residue on my skin (about two times). I love using this method because since you're cleansing with an oil, you don't need to use a moisturizer afterwards if you don't want to + it really has helped with me acne!

TONER // I'm a huge fan of Birchrose + Co products! I discovered them 2 years ago + have been obsessed with them ever since. Their toners are awesome, especially their Repair Tonic + Flower Water (pictured). With such a light invigorating spritz + uplifting scent, my skin feels so refreshed after using it. Both are also very moisturizing. I love to spray it on my face in the morning in place of face wash to save water + give my skin a nice wake-up!

BEAUTY OIL // This oil from Maya Chia has quickly become a favorite. I've replaced cream moisturizers for the most part with facial beauty oils. They really provide nourishment that my skin needs in colder weather. This one in particular has so many wonderful ingredients your skin will thank you for!

KONJAC SPONGE // I like to do a deeper exfoliation about once or twice a week but for the days in between I love using a Konjac sponge to gently exfoliate. It's so gentle on your skin, even the most sensitive skin types can use it. You'll want to make sure you get the kind that are 100% biodegradable (compostable), so you won't be creating more trash when you're finished with it.

BODY OIL // There's nothing like putting on some body oil after a shower to lock in the moisture. I've been reaching for my body oil by Oak + Ashland lately! It smells like pure jasmine and every time I apply it to my skin, it transports me to paradise! The smell is so pure + one of my personal favorites. Definitely a spa-like indulgence for my skin + senses.

All of these products are all natural + cruelty-free. They're also all in glass containers or compostable. I try to use glass + metal packaging as much as possible to lessen my plastic consumption. Things like glass can be up-cycled but plastics can really only be down-cycled into a lesser grade material. Even if it's recycled properly + is able to be remade as something else, it still only prolongs the inevitable ending - which is, the landfill.

There are still so many wonderful, effective + luxurious options in skin care without causing harm to our health, others or to the environment. Do you have any "green" skin favorites?? If so, please share them with us!

Written By: Cassidy Avalo