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Fall Gift Ideas

Fall Gift Ideas

The air is feeling a little more crisp and the days a little shorter. Fall is here! The time of year when we shift from days spent in the sun to cozying up by a fire. Over the years I've developed more profound appreciation for each individual season. Every season has it's own reasons to shine and be enjoyed for what it has to offer. There's also something about autumn that makes me more inclined to share some of my favorite things with friends and family. I know gift giving can be stressful for some but to me it's so fun! At any given time, I have several gift lists in my notes app on my phone of gift ideas for special people in my life. This is actually really helpful when you are in a pinch and don't know what to get someone! Having an ongoing list of little things they mention or gravitate towards really helps in choosing thoughtful and intentional gifts. Since this is actually something I give much thought year round, I figured it would be cool to share some of my ideas with you! I'm planning to do an on-going series of gift ideas with subcategories, so feel free to tell me a gift idea list you'd like to see!

1. Yuma blanket // If this blanket doesn't scream fall, I don't know what does! It's large size and thicker weave makes it great to cozy up with indoors or keep you warm while you sit by an outdoor fire. The Coronado is another big time tribe favorite. The brick and mustard tones in it are reminiscent of autumn leaves falling from the trees this time of year.

2. Le Labo Hinoki hand cream // Okay. I recently discovered this and I'm obsessed now. Someone mentioned this scent in the hand cream to me and I realized I had a sample of it from when I purchased my perfume by them earlier this year. Hinoki has the most beautiful woody, earthy notes that are so wearable for this time of year!

3. Jenni Kayne Cedar candle // Every season I like to have a specific scent that sets the tone for what I want to experience inside my home. During the autumn and winter months I like to alternate between the Jenni Kayne Cedar candle and Votivo Teak candle. Both scents are similar to me but at different price points and different looks. I love that Jenni Kayne puts their candles in beautifully made but still simple ceramic vessels. This three wick one would be so lovely on a coffee table or entry way console. And when you've burned through the whole candle, you or your gift receiver can repurpose the vessel!

4. Votivo Teak reed oil diffuser // This is the other scent I like to alternate during the colder months. Candles are a favorite for many but for those who don't like burning things in the house and still want a pleasant scent, reed diffusers are a great option! When it comes to gifts, consumables are what I like to lean towards because its not something they have to store or use forever. It's meant to be used up and enjoyed. If you prefer candles though, here is a candle version.

5. White & Warren travel wrap // This is truly a staple in my wardrobe. I know when I do a post on travel essentials, this will definitely make it on that list as well! It's the softest cashmere scarf and it comes in a variety of colors. You can also choose between the original size and the mini, which is slightly less fabric and I think the perfect gift. I use this all the time. When eating al fresco, when traveling, when I am going out and need an extra layer but not necessarily a jacket. It keeps me warm and cozy in all the right ways.

6. Ohom Ui Mug & Warmer set // Fall and warm beverages go hand-in-hand. I feel like this product is usually filed under "would be nice to have but probably wouldn't buy for myself" category. It's one of those things that you might not go out and purchase but you're glad if you have it! This would be especially nice for anyone you know who always has a warm cup of something in hand or is notorious for constantly reheating things through out the day.

That's it for this list! It was fun to put these items together. Let me know if you'd like to see another gift ideas list!