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Exciting Things To Come!

Exciting Things To Come!

The love our Wakened community has shown - is AMAZING! To see how many people want to get behind a good cause and support it, truly warms our hearts. Although we are a small company, with your help, we have helped charities through donations and awareness in a big way!


We are excited for things to come, so please stay tuned. We are working on a new look for our website, new styles, a kids line, new charities, new formats, and a whole lot of new goodies! 


We are really excited with the new charity we are partnering with, so to stay up to date please follow us on instagram: @wakenedapparel Facebook: FacebookWakenedApparel Twitter: @wakenedapparel. We are anxious to finally unveil all this to you soon and we hope you all will share our excitement! 

So, to make room for the new and  exciting things to come - we're doing a little 'Summer Cleaning' in the shop.

What does this mean for you guys?? F L A S H S A L E!!! Until 6/29 we will be running a sale on some past campaigns, from 25-50% off certain items!!! This is the biggest sale we've ever done because we've gotta have space for what's to come! If you've had your eye on some shirts, now is the time to go grab them! Most of what's on sale will not be reprinted, once gone - so jump on it! 


We want to thank you for your continued support and big hearts! To see the genuine goodness in our #WakenedTribe, brings hope to us all. But more importantly, it brings hope to every charity we partner with and in effect, those who the charities rally behind. With a simple act of purchasing a shirt we are bring hope and better world to those who need it. THANK YOU and continue to be amazing.