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Ethically Made Jewelry

Ethically Made Jewelry

It's been hard to keep a secret due to our extreme excitement (to be honest, we really didn't try) but we are releasing a line of jewelry! This is something we've dreamt of for a long time. Just like clothing, jewelry enables us the opportunity to express ourselves to the world. Even the most basic outfit can be made new with the right accessories.

Of course we love a good statement piece, but we wanted to start out our collection with great bones to build off of. For both us and most importantly, our customers! Just as a versatile wardrobe is made of up solid basics, so is a great jewelry collection. Simple, high quality pieces serve as the vital bones for a jewelry collection that will help you to take on the world! Because we truly believe that when you feel confident and comfortable about what you look like on the outside, what you have to offer on the inside can shine even brighter. And we hope our jewelry does just that for you!

Since our first three pieces are simple, there's much room for versatility. You can wear them individually for a dainty and subtle look or stack them and wear them all together for more of an impact! All three styles are available in a variety of sizes and come in your choice of 14k gold-fill or sterling silver. Let us introduce you to the beginning of our jewelry collection.

The Hammered Reese Stacking Ring

Our Reese ring is perfect as a dainty solo piece or stacked together with other rings. Whether you wear it layered or alone, this will be a staple in your ring collection! 

The Athens Ring

The Athens ring adds charm and interest to any look. This ring features two 16 gauge bands twisted together. You can wear it on it’s own or layer with other rings (or just more Athens) for a thicker and more dramatic effect.

The Fiora Ring

The Fiora ring is a beauty all on her own! This ring features a 16 gauge band coiled to make three layers with flattened clean ends. With the nature of the material used to create this ring, you can slightly adjust the sizing by loosening or tightening the coil to your liking. The Fiora looks great on her own finger but pairs nicely with other rings on the same hand. Wear her normally or size down for a midi ring.

You may be wondering how these rings are ethically made? Each ring is thoughtfully hand-crafted by a local artisan in the Bay Area. Jewelry making is a passion of theirs, so much love and goes into every ring they make. We are very intentional in the way we are going about producing our jewelry. Each ring is carefully designed with the intention of timeless simplicity, so it can be worn and enjoyed for years and years to come. We also purposely chose high quality materials to ensure you don't get that gross discoloration due to simply wearing it and living your daily life (Ew!). Our rings are made in small batches, so as not to unnecessarily waste our earths recourses or the energy it takes to create the materials.

We've put much thought and care into designing and producing these pieces. We are so proud of them and our hope is that you love and enjoy wearing them just as much as we do! Whether you're purchasing for yourself and gifting to someone else, like with all of our items, you can be rest assured that you're supporting ethical production. 10% from each ring sold is also donated in aiding Elephant Conservation. We can't wait to see how you start expressing yourself with these pieces and hearing which ones are your favorite!

In addition to our all-new jewelry collection, we are also bringing back in stock blanket favorites like our Yellowstone and Saharas! And we also have brand new blankets we are adding to our Home Collection. Lots of good stuff here and soon to come!