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Enhancing Your Summer Experience at Home

Enhancing Your Summer Experience at Home

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There's no other season that holds more nostalgia than summer. It's the time of year that brings out the kid in all of us. I used to view certain seasons as something to just bare through until the next season I loved came around. But in recent years I've realized that each season has it's own beauty and joys specific to that time of year. Instead of wishing for the next to come, we should whole heartedly embrace the place we are in now. This is true both in literal seasons, as well as seasons in life! I first started embracing the seasons with winter, since that has historically been my least favorite and the most difficult for me. Since I've been implementing things intentionally the past couple winters, it's completely changed how I view that season and in fact, made it so enjoyable and memorable! Dare I say, I even slightly look forward to winter! At least certain elements of it. I loved this practice so much and saw such a difference in myself with how I experience that season that I decided to implement this to each season going forward. To make each time of the year special in their own ways. Here I will share a few ways I enhance my experience inside my home with each season and then tell you how I've been doing that for summer in particular.

Traditionally in America, with each new season that arrives stores and homes are flooded with new season specific home decor items. Think: pillows that say "SPRING" or have pumpkins on them for fall. These are great for those who love that stuff but it's never been my jam. I've found that engaging all five of my senses enhances my experience of the current season on such a higher level and makes it more special and memorable. So instead of just thinking of engaging your sense of sight with decor, also think about how you can engage the rest of your senses. When approaching a new season, I brainstorm how I can experience it best through all my senses. Sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. Here's how I've been enjoying summer in my home lately...


This is the more obvious place to start but it's also often where peoples stop. I'm loving all the light tones and textures. For me, I love bringing out all the wicker, rattan, linen, cottons because they feel visually light, airy and clean. I also like to have more minimal styling on my surfaces. Coffee table books, a marble dish with a candle and vases of fresh flowers everywhere that I bring in from our garden or pick up at the local market. Again, I don't like to get season specific products, rather I choose things that feel more summery -- not that flat out says "summer". I also play a lot with ambient lighting in the evenings to make the transition from day to night more relaxing.


I'm no cook. But over the years I've added to my arsenal simple meals to rotate through. I challenge myself each season to pick a new recipe to try that feels in line with the season I'm in. It could be a dish, a side, a treat or a drink. Incorporating seasonal produce. Just something that feels in line with the current time of year. During the spring and summer months, I love having a basil plant in the kitchen. I make lots of pestos and garnish almost everything with basil when I have a plant but you could easily do this with other herbs available this time of year. Beverage wise I've been making watermelon slushies and enjoying sweet tea. Recently I made a pasta that was so simple but delicious! Here's the recipe:

In a baking pan or dish place a block of feta cheese in the center of the pan and add a carton or two of cherry tomatoes around it. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil all over feta and tomatoes, add seasoning like dried oregano, thyme, garlic, chili flakes, salt, pepper. The trick here is to be very heavy handed with the seasoning! Don't hold back. You can even throw in a couple garlic cloves. Mix it around the tomatoes so they're all coated and pop into the oven at 4oo degrees for 30 mins. The cherry tomatoes should be popped when it comes out, Next, you'll mix the feta and tomatoes together until it's a creamy consistency. Mix in boiled pasta (I recently used the Costco four cheese tortellinis and it was so good!) and then add chopped fresh basil on top and serve.

I'm a big candle lover and I don't think they should just be reserved for the colder months. I'm such a fan of Jenni Kayne candles and have a break down of the scents I love by them for each season per my scent pallet preferences. I just brought home a new scent to me and I'm smitten! It's the Topanga candle and it's light and fresh but has a warmth to it. It's officially become my summer candle this year. My favorite candles for the other seasons by JK are Basil for spring, Musk for fall and Cedar for winter. I love a higher end candle but I usually just get one to last the season and fill the rest of the house with non-scented pillar candles to creat ambiance. I also love this candle. There are so many options for candles and a variety of price points, so just pick what you like! And have fun with it. If you're not into candles, you can do the same with essential oils or fresh flowers/greenery that are naturally fragrant. Or if you prefer the smell of fresh air, open up those windows! It's free and great for the air quality in your home.


This has become one of my very favorite things to embrace more in my home. I recently found our old speakers and have been listening to music in the mornings, evenings and while I'm packing orders or painting. I love listening to soft piano in the mornings, jazz or indie rock through out the day and then end the day with some classical music. It's insane what it can do for your mood alone but also to elevate the feeling of your space. In the summer time I love listening to artists like Jack Johnson, Van Morrison, The Beach Boys and others with a laid back feel good vibe. I want to feel like I'm on holiday even if I'm no where near a beach or taking a vacation.


Our home is pretty neutral so we create dimension and variety through texture. I line the couch with linen pillows during the spring and summer time and break out the wicker and rattan pieces. Summer time is all about a laid back and relaxed approach to life, so we try to reflect that with the textiles in our home. 

Other ways we've been enjoying summer at home

We've been spending a lot of time in our yard this summer. We added new pillows, an umbrella and moved our wicker indoor chairs to our outdoor dining table, which has made it feel like we're on a European holiday whenever we are out there. I also have our Oía blankets draped over our outdoor chairs so we can easily grab and snuggle up with in the evenings while we are having al fresco dinners or just hanging out on the sectional. Which has made it so we can hang out outside for longer periods of time. I've been eyeing this rechargeable wireless table lamp for our tables outside for additional lighting and ambiance as the sun goes down. I'd have to say by far this has been my favorite summer in our yard! 

xx Cassidy