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Discounted Prices for Bulk Gifts

Discounted Prices for Bulk Gifts

In case you haven't noticed, we now offer Bulk orders for selected blankets! More blankets equals a special discount. We created this option for those looking to buy more than just a couple blankets at a time. For our bulk page, 8 is the minimum amount of blankets for an order and will recieve a 15% discount, larger amounts recieve a greater discount of 25% off the entire order. This is perfect for businesses looking to fill corporate gift baskets, individuals seeking out a fun accent and party favor for their wedding or any event. This is also a great option for anyone wanting to buy items that will be gifted separately.

This time of year especially, we know many of our customers are looking to stock up on gifts for their family and friends. Our new Bulk/Gift page can provide you with not only a gift that's unique, beautiful and versatile. But one that gives back.

10% from the proceeds of each sale is donated to one of our several charity partners. Here is a quick break down of the blankets available for bulk orders and their corresponding charity partners: Del Mar, Big Sur and Stinson blankets donate to Oceanic Preservation Society. Laguna, Sahara and Ash blankets donate to International Rhino Foundation. Arena and Sol blankets donate to International Elephant Foundation. The Seattle and Pacifica blankets donate to Pets In Need and the Yellowstone plants 20 trees with each purchase. Besides the donations, each one of our blankets available for bulk orders is hand made and hand dyed by artisans in Southern Mexico. The yarn used to make those blankets are 100% comprised of discarded U.S. textile waste, keeping clothing out of our landfills. These blankets truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

To check out our Bulk page, visit this link to shop around!