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Dining Al Fresco Tablescape

Dining Al Fresco Tablescape

Living in California, we get to enjoy outdoor eating a lot during the year. And since our tiny kitchen serves double duty as an art studio, we grown to love eating on our outdoor table (which is significantly more spacious than the one inside). Over the years I've built and continue to add to a base which I often pull form, whether it's just us two dining or we are hosting friends and family for dinner. Here are a few classic items that will serve as the bones for any tablescape, indoor or outdoor.

1. I discovered these rechargeable LED table lamps and they are on my wishlist to add to my hosting kit! I absolutely love the effect table lamps have while dining. They make me feel like I'm in a fancy Paris bistro and instantly elevate your table.

2. I purchased a handful of swing top bottles years ago and always bring them out for gatherings. I will them with water in advance and let chill in the fridge. I set multiple out near or on the table (depending on how big your table is) for people to refill their waters with freely. Their simple and timeless statuesque form brings an element of height to the table as well and are pretty enough to stand on there own. Throw some tea lights into the mix and you're set for inexpensive table decor!

3. Speaking to tea lights, these hand blown votives from Tucker Glass and Design are on my list to get! Candles are my favorite to create a relaxing ambiance. I can speak to the quality of his work too. I have one of his small optic bud vases and I always have some sort of fresh garden cut in there. These bud vases would be another perfect addition to a tablescape. Grab some greenery at the store, herbs or just stick some clippings from your yard or neighborhood in there for a touch of nature and color.

4. I have a couple of mesh plate covers for serving food outdoors to keep bugs off. This glass and marble cloche took my breath away though! Such a beautiful form made from timeless materials. I'd love to create a charcuterie moment on this and the glass dome cover is perfect to keep you in the moment as the host, not worrying about flies landing on your the food.

5. To keep things simple, I usually will either use a table cloth or placemats when hosting a dinner. Sometimes I'll use both together. I love a woven placement made with natural materials like seagrass, rattan, jute and wicker. I have a set very similar to this one from Crate and Barrel.

6. These table clothes are so darling! I adore the beige and white gingham pattern. This would be so pretty paired with white dishes!

7. Last but not least, I love folding blankets over the back of chairs. (Or having a basket with them folded or rolled up near by for guests). As a host, your constant concern is that of your guests comfort. Having the blankets already folded on the back of their chair, allows them to feel like they can freely grab it and drape over their lap or shoulders as the evening goes on and the temperatures drop. Many times, our guests even as if they can take them home! Our blankets are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They also make for great party or wedding favors!