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Changing The World

Many of us want to better the world around us. Whether in the most simplest to the most impactful ways, our goal is to better ourselves and the lives of those sharing this planet with. We volunteer our time and we donate our money to help charities with amazing causes with the intention to better our world. That is the key. As individuals whether we are volunteers, employees or donators -- we all work to make theses organizations function. To breathe life into these organizations so that they can in fact do what they set out to do -- improve our world. These passionate individuals are the driving force behind what allows these organizations to function. We think of a charities title and the work it does but its these passionate people behind it who dedicate their lives to making these changes. The organization as a body functions because of the people who are like the organs, the limbs, the heart of an organization. My wife and I started Wakened Apparel to give back not only to charities and the impact they have, but to show we support the kind hearted individuals behind the charities, bringing positive change to our world.
For 25 years, the International Rhino Foundation has championed the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. Doing everything it takes to ensure that rhinos survive for future generations. Based in the USA, IRF operates on the ground programs in all areas of the world where rhinos live in the wild. Five countries across two continents, IRF supports viable populations of the five remaining rhino species and the communities that coexist with them. Contributing more than 20 million dollars to worldwide rhino conservation over the past decade. IRF has been working tirelessly to eliminate the threat of poaching and stabilize the rhino population since the early 90’s. To this day, IRF supports conservation programs in Zimbabwe that have secured 90% of the country’s rhinos. Through a network of hundred of conservation organizations, private foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals all over the world, reaching common goals for rhinos together. In local communities where people live close to rhinos and who often struggle as a result of poverty and environmental degradation, IRF works to ensure these same individuals are active partners in wildlife protection and reap direct benefits from conservation efforts. Helping both Humans and Rhinos. IRF is building a united front to save rhinos by engaging and activating rhino lovers around the world.
The amazing work they do helps rhinos, as well as the actual people who live in these countries. All of this tireless work is being done by passionate individuals, who love what they do. Take the time to go see the faces of the people that comprise this important organization, including individuals who donate. Check out the team at Team IRF and people who support at team rhino.

The International Elephant Foundation actively supports conservation, education, research, management programs, and community-based strategies to enhance the survival of elephants and protect their habitats worldwide. They are the catalyst for a sustainable future where elephants can thrive. Working in countries where elephants are native to like Africa and Asia, IEF works so so hard to help elephants thrive, as well as actively involving people who live amongst elephants to care for elephants and better their lives.

Any funds that are received specified to support EEHV research or any other conservation activity will be used only for that purpose. In fact, 90% of all the funds raised by IEF have gone directly to programs. Moreover, no board member receives money from IEF. Rather they all make significant financial contributions to IEF, as do many other elephant facilities. A great sacrifice to serve an even greater purpose.

Its the individuals that make IEF work the way it does. They are the ones helping to bring change so that elephants can not just survive but thrive. Take a moment to get to know the driving force behind IEF and that it is accomplishing. Learn more about what IEF does at INTERNATIONAL ELEPHANT FOUNDATION


The mission of Pets In Need is to advance the no-kill movement, reduce pet homelessness, and find every dog and cat a loving home. A massive undertaking, but one of extreme kindness. They accomplish their mission by rescuing cats and dogs from public shelters in the Bay Area and beyond when they are in danger of being euthanized due to space or financial limitations. Their vision speaks to the character of the employees + volunteers that work there, which is to help create a world in which every adoptable animal finds a loving home.

Respect and Compassion are two guiding principles behind PIN. They show by example that every life matters by providing each animal we rescue with the highest quality of care until a forever home is found for them, no matter how long it takes.
Leadership is how they plan to advance the no-kill movement. By leading as a model, by collaboration, and education. Community Involvement gives people the power to choice with compassion. Being a leader in educating the public about animal welfare issues, and in providing free spaying and neutering services for the pets of all California residents is very important. Integrity is the core of what they stand for. They feel an obligation to their donors—past, present and future—to be the best possible stewards of the organization’s resources. To learn more about the life saving work Pets In Need does click here: PETS IN NEED


The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. They do this by helping end the killing in America's animal shelters through building community programs and partnerships all across the nation. BFAS believes that by working together we can #SaveThemAll.
Their vision is creating a better world through kindness to animals.

Guiding principles are...

Golden Rule: To treat all living things as we ourselves would wish to be treated.

Kindness: To demonstrate compassion and respect for all living creatures.

Positive influence: To judge their own effectiveness by the extent to which animal lives are saved and improved, and by the positive experience of the people they touch.

Leadership: To lead by example, developing, promoting and sharing great new ideas and programs to help animals.

Authenticity: To do what they say they do.

Transparency: To be open and honest in their relationships.

To learn more about all the hard work BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY does click the link here BEST FRIENDS


This group is made of up a team of passionate artists, activists and change agents committed to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans and the planet. Men and women dedicated to bring change to the way we see our planet, to the way we take care of our lands and oceans. The OPS team of artists and activists exposes the biggest story of our generation. Through education, entertainment, and action these men and women are reaching the hearts of individuals to take a stand and care for the only planet we have. You can get to know some of their faces in their films 'The Cove' + 'Racing Extinction' (a personal favorite of ours)!

To learn more about Oceanic Preservation Society click here: OPS

In each of these amazing charities working to bring change, all are comprised of passionate individuals who have made it their life's mission to leave our earth in a better place than they found it. To advocate and implement stewardship for our planet and those living on it. But they cannot do it alone. It takes every single one of us to help push them forward. To support them through our donations, our time, and even how we share information. Together, along with these amazing individuals who are the foundation of these organizations, we can bring change and better our world!

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