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Caring For Your Wakened Item

Caring For Your Wakened Item

Our hope is that every purchase made is bought by someone who genuinely loves their item and the purpose behind it. That they know with every purchase, they are changing lives. Knowing that they are helping to better our world, even if in a small way. We also hope that you are able to enjoy that item for years to come. But to ensure an item has a long life, we need to care for them properly. At Wakened, we offer items that are made by artisans abroad through fair trade or ethically made here in America. We go out of our way to search for and use fabrics that are more sustainable and better for the environment and the individuals who make them. From using organic cotton so the farmer isn't breathing in chemicals to hemp or bamboo, a more sustainable fiber and our eco-friendly blankets made from recycled textile waste --  Our goal is to make the items we use everyday, better! As we move forward we continue to learn more and improve and we will continue to improve as best as we can. So how do you make that item you love last? We will talk about the best way to care for you Wakened items!

The Falsa Blanket + Solid Outdoor Blanket

Since these blankets are uniquely made from only recycled apparel and textiles, it's impossible to say for certain the percentage of each fabric. They are mostly made of cotton but also may contain acrylic, polyester or wool. To keep you blanket in its best shape possible we recommend to wash on gentle cycle (COLD) and hang dry or dry on a low temperature + low speed. This will help prevent certain fibers from shrinking or the hand made dyes from fading

Indoor Blankets

The Pom Pom blanket: Hand wash with cold water separately. Line dry. Use iron only on cold setting. 
The Birch blanket: Dry clean or spot clean only. Tip — for spot cleaning, we like to use a mixture of water with a couple drops of mild castile soap. You can apply the mixture from a bowl or spray bottle to soiled area and blot out spots with a clean cloth. To keep fresh, we like to spritz a natural fabric freshener. You can buy one at the store or make your own by using 1 part rubbing alcohol (or vodka) to 4 parts water and add any essential oils you like if you desire to!

Our Sedona blanket: With all of our blankets we recommend washing on cold and flat drying or tumble drying on a low setting keep the fibers and colors in tact for a long time. It’s better for the blanket and better for the environment!

Now lets talk about our apparel. We recommend washing on a cold setting and flat drying or tumble drying on a low setting. We recommend caring for your garment this way because it will preserve the life of your piece longer and it’s also better for the environment! Another great reason to flat dry or hang dry is to preserve the energy and save in your wallet but also our planet. 

As much as we are trying to make garments out of natural fibers, some of our older tees and outdoor blankets do contain some synthetic fibers. If you'd like to lessen the amount of micro plastics that enter in our water ways and oceans, we'd suggest looking into the Guppy Friend! It's a special mesh bag you put your items with synthetic fibers in before you throw them in the wash. It's designed to catch the off-cast micro plastics like a lint trap, so you can dispose of of them in the garbage and they don't end up in our oceans.

We want your item to last you as long as possible so we hope you find these instructions useful!

We also have some exciting news to share. We are in the process of creating our own custom pieces for our very own custom line. We are so excited to do this but we want to include our Wakened community! What style garments would you want to see? Comment below or on our social media post that will accompany this blog post. Thank you for being apart of something special! We are so excited to share this next chapter with you.