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Budget Friendly Adventures: Pismo Beach

Budget Friendly Adventures: Pismo Beach

We are adding a new blog series this year called 'Budget Friendly Adventures'. We plan to showcase a destination or experience done budget-friendly. So make sure you're subscribed to get notified when these go live! For our first post in this series, we are going to chat a little about our recent road trip down the coast. We hit up a couple beach towns but here we will be focusing on Pismo Beach.

This was the first stop in our road trip that we brought our dog, Aiko on. We chose Pismo because we had never been there and there were a few dog friendly spots. Since Pismo is small town along the California coast line, it has so much charm with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Since not everything there was pet friendly, we will include some things to do there that are both good if you're taking a trip with your pooch or rolling solo.

Pet Friendly Hotels:

- Oxford Suites Pismo Beach
- Sea Crest Ocean Front Hotel
- Pismo Light House Suites

All of the above hotels are pet friendly and water front but their located about a mile from the pier. The pier is a nice place to hang out with your four legged friend. To the left hand side of the pier, is the dog friendly portion of the beach. It is very clean and wasn't too crowded when we went. Also, the way the waves come in was gentle and there was a lot of space of very shallow water for them to run and play in without getting totally soaked. If you're wanting to grab a bite to eat after a day spent playing in the waves, Wooly's and Board Room are both dog-friendly restaurants.

Not Pet-Friendly:

- Cafe Pismo Beach (where we ate)
- Surfside Donuts for a quick treat
- Near there pier are quite a few eateries that are inexpensive

We are located in the Bay Area in Northern California and it was only about a 3.5 hour drive to get there. Not bad at all! We'd definitely go there again and stay for a weekend next time to explore more of the town and surrounding area. Have you ever been to Pismo Beach? If so, what are your favorite spots?


David & Cassidy