Brand Spotlight: Fortress of Inca

This is a new series, where we will be sharing fellow eco-conscious, ethically made or conscious brands. Fashion and business in general should be about collaboration, not competition. And we believe best way to mainstream ethical fashion is to make it more accessible to people. We know how hard it can sometimes be to find brands that align with your personal values, so we are hoping to make it a little easier!

For this first post, we will introduce you to Fortress of Inca! Fortress of Inca is a footwear brand of consciously made shoes. They carry a range of shoes from booties, to flats, to mule, to heels and boots. All very cute and easy to wear! I personally have a pair of their Adriana Coco booties in Scotch and wear them all the time. The heel height is higher than a flat bootie but just enough to give you a little lift and extra confidence.

All of their shoes are handmade by their shoemakers in Peru. These makers are paid fair wages and work in an excellent environment, enjoy benefits of health care, paid maternity leave and social security. Just like us, they believe that the people who make their shoes are just as important as the people who wear them.

Premium natural materials like leather, wood and rubber make up their shoes. In countries like Peru where artisan production is how their goods are made, materials like leather are what is available to them. Though vegan leather is a wonderful option for many makers, in areas like Peru leather is not necessarily realistic for them to use. Since natural leather is accessible there, that is what is sustainable for them to use.

One thing I love about conscious fashion is that it is so mulit-facited. Supporting artisan made goods is so much father reaching than simply buying a well-made product. It's helping to put food on the table for an entire family. It's supporting safe working conditions and fair pay. And It's pouring back hope into the hearts of those who may have given up.
F E A T U R E D  P R O D U C T S
Fortress of Inca Adriana Coco Booties in Scotch
Mt. Kilimanjaro Tee // Wakened Apparel
California Poppy Tee (COMING SOON)
Woven Hat // Equal Uprise
Necklace // Wanderluxe 
Round Basket // Woven Finds
Bandana // Avela
Rings // Pixley Pressed

We hope you enjoyed learning about another brand trying to do some good in the world! Keep a look out for the next post in this series and in the mean time, tell us your favorite ethical, eco-conscious or sustainable brands in the comments! Maybe we will feature them next.


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