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The Next Generation of Heroes!

The Next Generation of Heroes!


PC: Ashley Noel

For our kids line, we set out to create cute and stylish pieces for kids, but we do it with a purpose. We want to provide an opportunity to show kids how easy and good it feels to help others! With 10% of each item going towards helping other children just like them, our hope is that they can learn a little bit more about compassion and the importance of showing kindness towards others. Even if it’s in a very small way. The way we look at it, we are clothing the next generation of super heroes.

Every purchase from our Wakened Apparel Kids line helps children. Children who deserve a chance at a good life and a future filled with possibilities. Children who desire to learn, to play -- to be kids. With every purchase, we donate to Save the Children who help kids be kids, even in bad circumstances. This gives them the opportunity to go to school, to be healthy, to have a chance at a BRIGHTER FUTURE! Every child across the world deserves that chance and with every purchase you make for your own little one you, you are helping the next generation build a better future.

PC: Dani Luecht

A Brighter Future Tee

Help us and Save the Children raise the next generation of heroes. Together we can better the world for us and children worldwide.

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PC: Chrissy Powers

Panda Tee Toddlers and Kids