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5 Step Morning Skin Care Routine

5 Step Morning Skin Care Routine

I am a huge advocate for skin care. Not only should our body's outer layer be protected and nourished but a skin care routine is also part of self-care. I look forward to my morning and evening skin care routines everyday!

For a few years now, I have made the switch to green beauty. With that switch came a lot of trial and error, figuring out with brands, products and ingredients worked well for my skin and which didn't.

I have been really enjoying my morning skin care routine lately, so I thought I'd share with fellow beauty buffs what I've been doing.

Step One : Cleanse
Some days I just splash my face with water and move on to toner from there but a couple times a week I like to indulge myself by using a cleansing oil. I am loving this Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil from Leahlani Skincare! (You'll see a few products from them in this post, but I promise I'm not sponsored. I just adore their products.) All of Leahlani's products are handmade with love in Hawaii. They have a keen talent for entrapping the luscious tropical scents of the island into one little bottle. The aroma alone is cause for swooning,

I just warm a tiny amount of the cleansing oil in my palms and massage it into my face. (Facial massage is also excellent for lymphatic drainage!) Then I take a warm wash cloth, ring out the excess water and press it onto my face. Letting the warmth sit against my skin for a few seconds. It just plumps up your skin a little with some moisture and helps to start the day off right.

Step Two : Tone
Next, I spritz my face, neck and chest with a homemade toner. It is mostly rose water I made from roses in our garden, a little witch hazel and a little apple cider vinegar. I find these three ingredients really help to keep acne at bay.

Step Three : Moisturize 

While my face is still a little wet from the toner, I go in with my Aloha Ambrosia  facial serum from Leahlani. Again, the scent with this is heavenly! Instantly, it takes me to a warm kauai beach. I like to apply it before allowing my face to dry completely because it really locks in the good ingredients and moisture from the prior steps.

Step Four : Sunscreen

You could do all the preventative skin care measures you want, but if you neglect using SPF, you're going to show signs of aging faster. Sun damage is no joke. Once you have it, it's so hard and sometimes impossible to reverse it. I make sure to apply a clean SPF all over my face, neck, chest, ears and pretty much any areas that will be hit by the sun at some point during the day. I really like this SPF from Mad Hippie.
Step Five : Signature Scent

This last step isn't actually skin care related, but it's part of my routine so I wanted to include it. That is, applying my signature scent. Putting on some kind of perfume or fragrant oil is just kind of the cherry on top that wraps up the whole routine. I've tried many fragrances but I often find myself getting tired of them quickly. This is not the case for my all time favorite scent, Bless by Leahlani. If you like jasmine or plumeria, you'll love this one! They also have a multipurpose balm with the same scent that I absolutely love using.

That's it! To some it may seem like a little, to others it may seem like a lot. But for me right now, it's just right. What about you? What products do you enjoy using in the morning?
xx Cassidy