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4 Ways to Detox Your Home

4 Ways to Detox Your Home

In this post, I'll go over 4 simple ways to detox your home. For most of us our home is our fortress. Our safe place. A place where we come to rest and recharge from the world around us. Just like our bodies though, our homes are exposed to environmental toxins. And just like there are ways to detox the body, there are also a few easy ways to detox your home.

#1: Swap out Your Cleaning Products

This might sound slightly counter-intuitive. After all, aren't cleaning products suppose to...clean your home? True, many conventional cleaning products disinfect surfaces but they do this often with excessive and unnecessary harmful and toxic chemicals. So instead of taking toxins out of your home, you could be potentially bringing more in. For years now, we've been making our own cleaning products from ingredients like baking soda, castile soap, vinegar and essential oils. Not only can natural ingredients be effective in cleaning and disinfecting but they are totally safe to use, keeping toxins out of your home and body. If you don't care to make your own cleaning products, there are various green cleaning brands you can purchase from. Just be mindful and read labels.

#2: Plants!

Not only are plants amazing for adding decor your home (especially on a budget) but they also are so great at cleaning your air! The mutually beneficial Human-Plant relationship has always amazed me. We breath out CO2 which plants need. They then take that CO2 and produce oxygen with it, which consequently we need to survive. Having indoor house plants raises the levels of clean oxygen in your space and actually minimizes environmental toxins. Some plants even help promote better sleep if kept near your bed.

#3: Open Your Windows

Such a small thing, but it can really effect your space. When your home is always closed up, the air in it stays stagnant. Once a day I try to open our windows or at least one for an hour or longer. This allows fresh air to flow into your space and move around. I always notice a shift in the way our house smells too after I do this. So if you're feeling like your space if a little stale or not smelling the best, start by just airing it out!  

#5: Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils have a lot of wonderful properties. They can be anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, amongst other properties. Diffusing essential oils is another great way to clean our air and provide aromatherapy benefits as well. Just be careful of the quality oil you get. Since you do absorb them into your body as well, you want to make sure you get a really good quality oils. We personally like DoTerra and Vitruvi.

What ways do you like to detox your home?