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22 Super Simple + Random Ways to Be Eco-Friendly On a Budget

22 Super Simple + Random Ways to Be Eco-Friendly On a Budget

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), we share 22 super simple ways you can be kinder to the earth without spending money in this post and on our latest podcast episode. (Soon available on iTunes!) "Zero Waste" and "Eco-friendly" living often comes with a stereotype of being expensive. The trendy items might cost more, but to be truly eco-friendly usually is very economical. So we are stripping down the aesthetic of zero waste and talking about basic ways anyone can be more eco-conscious, starting today!

It's all about using what you already have. Many who have grown up poor or in poverty have utilized these tips out of necessity for saving money. Not because it was "the cool thing to do." It's only recently that it's turned into a trend. So if there is anything you take away from this episode, let it be to start small. Start where you are and do the best you can with you resources. Anything is better than nothing. Together, we can make a difference for our planet! Because our home is worth it.

Listen to the episode HERE

If you'd like to support this podcast, our artisans + charity partners, feel free to shop any items our shop! Listen to the podcast linked in this post or read the list below to discover ways you might not have thought of to reduce your waste.

1. Wash clothes on cold + air dry
2. Use soap bar vs. liquid bottled soap
3. Pick up trash when you see it on the street
4. Walk or ride your bike vs. driving
5. Open windows before blasting the AC
6. Give composting a try (or look for local farmers markets + community gardens that you an bring you food scraps to compost to once a week)
7. Ask for no straw when ordering a beverage
8. Use a jar to store food or cover a bowl of food with a plate
9. Try shopping second hand before buying new
10. Use oil + warm water + wash cloth to take off make up vs. make up removing wipes
11. Switch to reusables (even if it's on thing at a time. No need to get fancy - put water in a jar instead of plastic bottle or use a back pack instead of a plastic bag)
12. Do a clothing swap with friends vs. donating straight to a thrift store
13. Buy loose produce or use a plastic produce bag multiple times (instead of just once)
14. Make your own multipurpose cleaner (forgot to mention this one in the episode)
15. Buy in bulk
16. Think about what you NEED vs. what you WANT
17. Before you turn on the heater, do something active + put on some layers
18. Use a cloth or towel vs. a sponge + paper towels
19. Buy quality items from natural + recycled materials (it'll save you $ in the long run because you won't be buying the same thing over and over again)
20. Take shorter showers
21. Eat local + in season produce
22. Nothing is too small to start with. Do the best you can with what you have.

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