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20 Things to Declutter in 2020 (episode 23)

20 Things to Declutter in 2020 (episode 23)

The shift in weather from cool to warm, sunny days has got us ready for Spring. It also has us in full spring cleaning mode! For the past week or so, we've slowly been  tackling areas around the house and yard, making room in our space and in our minds. It's been said before that "clutter is just delayed decision making." So instead of saving the decisions for a future version of yourself to make, why not cut your ties with things that aren't serving you now? Here are 20 places you can start!

1. Digital Photos
2. Duplicates
3. Clothes that don't fit your body or your lifestyle
4. Socks and undergarments with holes or that have seen better days
5. Paper clutter/ receipts 
6. Your 'Fantasy-Self'
7. Shoe boxes and technology boxes
8. Junk drawers
9. Expired beauty and skin care products (also products that don't work for your skin or hair type)
10. Expired food and dried pantry goods
11. Services and subscriptions you no longer use
12. Ratty old towels (up-cycle to rags or donate to local animal shelter) We also share a great hack about this in the podcast episode!
13. Old electronics and wires (resell if you can or find out how to recycle locally. Sometimes places like Best Buy have recycling programs for electronic items)
14. Old calendars and planners
15. Pens and markers that are dried out or broken
16. Promotional shopping bags (pick you favorites and donate the rest)
17. Inside your car
18. Magazines, newspapers and books you've either already read and don't plan on reading again or haven't read and don't plan on reading. You can donate books to your local library and magazines to local businesses
19. Un-used apps on your device
20. Disposable cutlery and sauce packets (toss them, use them up or donate them to your local homeless shelter)

When you're first starting out on your decluttering journey, it can seem very daunting. So take it one category, one room or even just one drawer at a time. You'll get there! If you'd like to listen to the full episode where we dive deeper into these ideas, find us HERE on Apple podcasts or wherever you get podcasts. We'd love to hear what you plan on decluttering of if you've already started your spring cleaning. Tell us on our social media! @WakenedApparel.