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A few weeks back I wrote about post about Rhinos, the danger they are in and how we are losing them at alarming rates due to poaching and habitat destruction. Just to recap, I spoke about a recent study that shocked me, here is what it said:

"Rhino poaching is UP, for the sixth year in a row. A report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that although in some areas rhino poaching has improved other areas rhino poaching has increased. Namibia and Zimbabwe have seen an increase in rhino poaching. The report mentions that at least 12,015 to 1,338 rhinos were killed in 2015 across Africa. These numbers a extremely scary, given the fact that there are currently 26,000 left in the wild across the world today and roughly around 20,000 or less are in Africa. When we realize the numbers of rhinos that are left and how many were poached in 2015 alone, it’s obvious that this is a major problem that needs to fixed now."

We here at Wakened Apparel stand with charities that fight tirelessly to better our world and it inhabitants. That is why we have partnered with the International Rhino Foundation, This charity puts it resources toward helping put an end to poaching and the extinction of these 5 beautiful rhino species that are left. International Rhino Foundation protects particularly threatened rhino populations in the wild, while also supporting applied research that can help to improve the chances for long-term survival of all rhino species. They have already made great strides in preventing further declines of these magnificent animals and turning rhino population trends around in the areas in which we work. 

It is an honor to partner with such an amazing charity. We have the responsibility to help protect these rhinos. We have to remember that 5 species are left: all species remaining are threatened and 3 are critically endangered. This majestic animal has every right to enjoy this planet we call home and we have the responsibility as the more intelligent species to protect rhinos, so that future generations will have the privilege of seeing them in real life not just in a text book.

 Let us come together as the Wakened Apparel community to help this amazing charity International Rhino Foundation. Together we can better their world. #WakenedTribe